Friday, October 25, 2013

Regarding An Ignorant Righty & The Tell That If He Uses It You Know He's Lying

If a dishonest creep wants to tap dance, give them the spotlight and a mirror ~ Vanna Bonta (dob 4/3/1958) an American novelist, poet and film actress best known as the author of "Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel" (pub. 1995). The novel introduced quantum fiction as a literary genre that emerged in the 21st century.

The tell is his use of the phrase "I shit you not". If the blogger Willis Hart uses this phrase you can be absolutely certain that what he just said was 100 percent false. Not that he isn't lying when he doesn't use it... he lies a lot and only infrequently says "I shit you not"... but when he does use it you can be positive that he just lied.

For example, Willis recently posted the following commentary to his blog...

Willis Hart: On Ignorant Leftists; Tao... He apparently believes that there are more than 5 quintiles. Again, I shit you not. (10/25/2013 AT 1:42pm).

(Note: Willis was shamed into removing this commentary. The link, if clicked still goes to his blog, but displays a page that says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist").

This Hart lie was in response to an argument between him and Tao on the rAtional nAtion blog. Willis tried to prove his point by using data from the IRS website, which is broken down into five earnings categories (which the IRS website refers to as quintiles). Tao correctly pointed out that Willis' use of that data couldn't prove anything about the top 1 percent wage "earners" because with only 5 categories, those in the top 1 percent are lumped in with people earning a lot less.

Quintile 5 includes everyone making $178,020 and up, so CLEARLY Willis cannot prove anything about the 1 percent using these figures. Tao is correct, even though what he actually said was, "First off, your use of IRS quintiles is uninformative because the IRS only has five quintiles".

Since the word "quintile" (in statistics) means something that is divided into "five equal proportions" Tao, in saying "the IRS only has five quintiles" reveals his ignorance (according to Willis)... you can't have more than 5 of a thing which, by definition, has only 5 portions.

But everyone else who read the comment knew Tao meant that since the top income range covers everyone who makes more than $178,020... that data IS uninformative when it comes to making any point concerning the top 1 percent. So, even though Tao should have referred to income broken into categories and ditched the word "quintile"... his point is still ABSOLUTELY correct!

But instead of acknowledging his incredible wrongness the lying Hartster does a tap dance concerning Tao using the word "quintile" incorrectly to obfuscate the fact that Tao was right and Willis was wrong. And really Willis, a lame "definition flame" is all you got? IMO, you can't get much more dishonest than this... I shit you not.

#214, wDel #39.


  1. Just drooling with hate!
    Way to go!
    Now go get your nightly butt fucking from RN

  2. It is a common diversionary tactic of someone trying to move the discussion away from the actual point rather than staying on topic. It shows they have no answer.

  3. The post in question has been deleted from Will's blog... as well as the commentary disparaging Octopus (which he took issue with here).

    In the discussion following Octo's SWASH ZONE post RN chimes in to attack me and Octo agrees with his best Libertarian buddy. And I don't say that because I am "intolerant, quick tempered and character-disordered" as Octo charges... it's simply an observation.

    But I'm not going to start being friendly to RN now... that bridge is burned. And, while I admit my SHARE of guilt in the back and forth that lead to the current situation, apparently RN is still beloved by a certain clique of Liberals that includes Octo.

    In any case, I'm not going to say anything bad about Octo. He has his opinion and I happen to strongly disagree with it. At least as far as RN is concerned. And also regarding his assertion that I'm "unpleasant in every engagement". I don't recall ever being unpleasant in any engagement with Octo, much less every one. Other than that I think Octo is a good guy and it saddens me that he has a bad opinion of me.

  4. Are you so afraid of Octopus from the Swash Zone, that you have to butter him/her up?
    Are so willing to throw RN under the Bus so that Octopus will like you? Kissing someone’s Ass is not the way to prove a point. And that is exactly what you constantly do. You are a worthless, useless, coward.

  5. I agree and disagree with everything going on in Washington these days.. Every American. President faces criticism and resistance, but I don’t remember anyone asking to see Bill Clinton’s birth certificate. It seems part of the political discourse in the U.S. to insist Obama is a Muslim (it’s telling in itself that this is a curse word among conservatives), un-American in background and character, or even to wave the Confederate flag in front of the White House, which is way behind code for Jim Crow sentiment. Obama has had his failings–inexperienced when first elected, promises unkept, dithering on crucial issues, failed program delivery. But are some of his failures the result of intransigence by hardline opponents, their absolute denial of his presidency despite two elections? Do his shortcomings deserve the deep enmity, the instinctive resistance to everything he stands for or proposes? Actor/director Robert Redford says some members of Congress are trying to “paralyze the system. There’s probably some racism involved, which is really awful.” Meanwhile, critics like Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert accuse Obama himself of “stirring up racial tension and violence.” I’m not suggesting everyone who opposes Obama is racist, but are some of his political foes in Congress in that camp? And do others provide comfort and support to the millions of Americans who are?
    When you Right-wing Fools repeat the thoroughly discredited crap about Obama being a Muslim, you lose all credibility with people who are in touch with reality. Plus, to any rational person, Obama is certainly no communist. The nihilists are the extreme right who want to paralyze the government. Plus, I’m a real American, whatever that is, and I voted for Obama twice. So run along to RedState or The Blaze and be with your friends.
    You Right-wing Fools talk of how to impeach a President and how to remove him from office but failed to address one important matter. Why? And on what grounds? For the 10’000th time, YOU CANNOT IMPEACH A PRESIDENT BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HIM! If we could do that, Bush would have been gone a long time ago. that is Why i hope that the REAL reason for impeaching is NOT racism, because the latter would prove how hateful and Childish the racist right truly are! Is Barack Obama destroying America? No. Does Barack Obama hate America? Of course NOT!

  6. You have not given any evidence of any “crimes”. I assume you mean all the things that you happen to disagree with. That doesn’t make them crimes.
    He is certainly not a Muslim, but even if he were, that would not make him a criminal or unqualified to be president. I know you think you’re slurring him by saying that, but you’re only revealing your own ignorance.
    16 days of a Govt Shut Down was a nightmare may be coming to a close. Damage has been done, but some things have also become clear.
    One is that the Tea Party tolerates and promotes racism.
    The other day Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that a major reason for the government shutdown was dislike of President Obama. In other words, this was never a fight over principles. It was rooted in personal animosity.
    She should have gone on and said what she wouldn’t say. That this personal animosity stems from a racism that is endemic to the Tea Party movement. The Confederate flag on display in front of the White House during this week’s Tea Party rally said it all.
    Let’s get real and stop trying to make nice with people who are not nice at all. When you question this President’s birthplace, you are a racist. When you reject this President’s self-professed Christian faith, you are a racist. When you tell jokes with racial overtones, then you Right-wing Fools are a racist. When you email race based cartoons to your friends, you are a racist. When you continue to listen to racist talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, you are a racist.
    One of the reasons this country made progress toward racial justice was because racist comments, actions, and jokes in public became socially and politically unacceptable. We called people out for their racism and would have laughed had we been accused of “playing the race card” for doing so.
    But some people have decided we now live in a post-racial America, and, therefore, racism by a different name is somehow not racism. Well, it is. So when that young white man waved his Confederate flag in front of the White House he showed he was a racist. And the Tea Party members who supported his doing so as an expression of “freedom” were also racists.
    President Obama is the President of the United States. He deserves respect for that reason alone. This has nothing to do with his policies or his leadership. It has to do with the office he holds.
    I for one am sick of you Right-wing Fools who claim to be patriots while questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency. Freedom of speech may protect their right to be openly racist. It also protects our right to name them for what they are.
    We should never be hesitate to do so.

  7. Regarding the comment of "Lefty from NYC"...

    Am I so afraid of Octopus from the Swash Zone, that I have to butter him up? Answer: No. I am not afraid of Octopus at all, let alone "so afraid". I have no idea where you're getting this "so afraid" BS from.

    Am I so willing to throw RN under the Bus so that Octopus will like me? Answer: No. According to Wikipedia... "To throw (someone) under the bus is an idiomatic phrase in American English meaning to sacrifice another person (often a friend or ally), who is usually not deserving of such treatment, out of malice or for personal gain".

    RN isn't a friend (he hates my guts) and he certainly isn't an ally. Either you don't know what the phrase "throw under the bus" means or you aren't a Liberal (if you think RN should be my political ally). Or maybe you don't know that I'm a Liberal? I don't know... one thing is clear, however... "Lefty from NYC" doesn't know what he/she is talking about. That being the case, I dismiss your charge of me being a "worthless, useless, coward". Your accusation is based on facts you've got all wrong and is therefore completely worthless.

    Regarding the comments of "Question Man"...

    I am not sure who you are addressing with the first sentence of your 2nd comment (neither of which has anything to do with my post). My post mentions no crimes. There being no crimes mentioned in my commentary this "assumption" you make is based on what? The rest of your commentary (actually posts copied over from your blog) I find agreeable, except for the "you right wing fools" sentence. Again, I'm not sure if you're talking to me. No "right wing fool" has commented on this thread. I'm a Lefty, as noted in the "about me" scroll box on the upper right-hand section of my blog's sidebar.

    Also, you should be aware that my blog commenting rules say rants copied over from other sources are not permitted. If you want to link back to your blog that is OK with me, although I'd appreciate it if you'd address the subject of my post first. My blog isn't a place for people to come to try to drive traffic to their own blog while ignoring mine... anyway, you're probably wasting your time if that is your goal, as this blog doesn't get much traffic and therefore it is extremely unlikely any comment here will drive traffic elsewhere.

  8. One Jew hater (Dervish Sanders) talking about another Jew hater (Rational Nation USA). How about you shove it where the sun don't shine, you-DUMB Nazi boy?

    Both of you are scumbags who just hate Jews, so naturally, you will deny the Holocaust. You're the coward who can;t even admit that he hates Jews.

    Common, just say it bigot

    1. Voodookobra's allegation is completely without merit. I've never denied the holocaust (it is a well documented part of the historical record). Also, the fact is that there are many Jewish people I like. You are a liar.

    2. You and RN are butt fuck buddies including being Jew haters. Now the truth is out and you two butt fuckers cannot hide as much as some try to hide the fact that you two butt fuckers are Jew haters.

    3. And Steve is a lying homophobe. His vile hateful comment proves it beyond a doubt. And there is zero evidence that I hate Jewish people... none. I'd ask the hate-filled homophobe Steve to produce the evidence, but that would be pointless as there isn't any. Steve and voodookobra1 are both lying trolls (although the same person could very likely be behind both IDs).

    4. We hit the truth on the head and you come out screaming liar when you never post my comments. Truth hurts. Now back to you getting butt fucked by RN. Enjoy, I know you do. By Jew hater.

    5. I hit the nail on the head with my truthful comment about Steve being a hate filled homophobic liar. Steve comes out screaming (and citing no comments by me that prove I hate Jewish people) because screaming is all he can do. He's got absolutely nothing (in regards to me hating Jewish people). No prior comments... zippo.

      In fact, it looks like Steve is making an admission with his comment. He signs off "by Jew hater"... as in the comment he just wrote was authored by a Jew hater. Finally the truth comes out. Steve accuses others of the feelings he holds deep down inside. This probably indicates that he is also an in-the-closet self-hating gay man. I actually feel sorry for you Steve. Now get lost.

  9. All You Libs are Full of Shit, Screw y'all and the Donkey y'all rode in on.

    You creeps are so desperate to get Obama off the hook, that you make up stories to blame the Tea Party. Well Get This! The Tea Party patriots are not going away, We are Alive and Well, and we are going to TAKE this Country back. You can bet on it.
    The left is already gearing up to trash the Tea Party for Obama's screwing up the Website for his Shitty Health Plan

  10. Question Man first appeared on Lisa's blog as a false liberal, saying totally stupid shit to make liberals look uninformed. He may be the same guy as Radical Redneck as far as anybody knows.

  11. Just stumbled here from a link on another blog and wanted to say: WHAT A STUPID BLOG YOU HAVE HERE!!

  12. Stumble is an appropriate verb in your case. It describes the function of your brain too.


  13. Obamacare is 100% pure crap and liberals, progressives and socialists are running away from it, using any desperate line of bull they can concoct to blame it on others.

    They are now trying to blame this Crap Sandwich on the government shutdown, They were lying.
    Once the “shutdown” of 17% of the government came to an end…they were exposed.
    Obamacare was exposed for what is is...A Crap Sandwich .
    Obama’s lies regarding “if you like your plan…If you like your doctor…You can KEEP them…PERIOD” were exposed.

    This obscene LIE has been exposed.
    MILLIONS of Americans are being kicked off their existing coverage was exposed.
    And the liberal/socialist scumbags in congress who voted for Obamacare and defended Obamacare for the last 3 years are also to blame.

    1. ObamaCare will end up being loved by a majority of the people and the Democrats will get the credit; a possibility that really scares the Republicans, which is why they are fighting and lying about it so much. The crap policies that the insurance companies are cancelling (The Obama Administration said they could be grandfathered in if they were not significantly changed) were significantly changed by the health insurers. No doubt they changed the polices so they could cancel them (and push people toward more expensive policies).

      The "crap sandwich" is this BS "We The People" has bought into. It's lies and problems caused by either [1] Republican sabotage [2] Greedy insurers who are changing policies so they'll be cancelled... and since you now HAVE to have insurance they think they can push you into a more expensive policy... more expensive because crap policies are no longer allowed and more expensive than you can get on the exchange (and of course they don't tell you that).

      BTW, the post you are responding to, "We The People", has nothing to do with ObamaCare.

  14. It is a simple true statement that fewer people will be spending on Christmas this year because of the government shutdown. You refuse to acknowledge the number of people who were laid off or fired by defense contractors and other government contractors when the government shutdown. You think the only think that closed were national parks. And while government workers who were furloughed got their back pay eventually, civilian contractor employees did not.

    1. Who is refusing to acknowledge it? Perhaps I missed it, but I don't see anyone discussing the Boehner government shutdown.

  15. As one who admired him so,It is very difficult to convey my feelings about the passing of Nelson Mandela. Words like "commitment", "sacrifice", and "compassion" seem inadequate when we look back with thankful hearts at the life of the beloved comrade on arms who has fought so long and hard for the rights of so many others. . And while none of us may ever attain the levels of commitment, sacrifice, and compassion that the image of Mandela conveys, honoring his life means that we are determined to put forth our best efforts. We are humbled by the standard Mr. Nelson set and with such grace and dignity.
    Rest in peace, dear friend,
    Your American friends in the Progressive Party of the USA.

    People often call me a socialist. But, no, I am not a socialist. I like our President Mr. Obama am a Progressive Democrat, fighting to maintain, decent health-care reform and a fair wage for the work that I perform. As for the stock market, you must agree that it is looking pretty good last time I checked. I agree that Mr. Obama is NOT a socialist, but a President who is looking out for the best deal that all the people including the lower and middle class can receive. And I always believed that this is what America stood for. Mr. Obama is committed to building a movement for social justice and economic democracy.

    I have no problem as a Progressive Democrat admitting that I am. Or that I’m a proud ImThemanwhoknewtoomuch@hotmail.comAmerican. It’s time for the Conservatives to admit that they are the party of Hate and Bigotry. . Let the voters decide if that’s what they want or not. Stop lying about the Irogressive party, we are not the evil ones. We are not the party of Sarah Palin, George Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and God Forbid Michele Bachmann! It is up to us to rid this scourge called presidential hopefuls!

  16. Notice to the blogger with the ID 2580... I thank you for your interest in my blog, but I'm not going to publish your comment. The reason? It is off topic and is at least three times longer than any post on your blog. I suggest publishing your complaints about how the First Lady celebrated her birthday there (on YOUR blog).

    Thanks, and feel free to try again. Any on topic (or shorter, at least) comment will likely be published. No offense intended, BTW... it's just that this is a blog (MY blog) and not a message board. Also not YOUR blog (where this comment would be more appropriate).

  17. Dervish Sanders, you are a good writer but just by reading your title you exclude the rest of this extremely diverse country
    But simply put (no matter who you are), if you sound like an idiot, expect to be received as one. Stop trying to be a defender of the black, it just isn’t working. Besides we don’t need your sympathy.

    1. I think you're responding to the wrong post. This commentary concerns one individual, so YES, everyone else is excluded. In any case... thanks for the compliment? Apparently I'm a good writer BUT an idiot. Also, Question Man is African American who speaks for the entire community? Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't believe either claim. In any case, if you don't think my "defending" is "working"... that's OK. You're entitled to your opinion, but (no offense) I'm going to ignore it.

    2. Re-reading this comment thread I found the following by Flying Junior...

      FJ: Question Man first appeared on Lisa's blog as a false liberal, saying totally stupid shit to make liberals look uninformed. He may be the same guy as Radical Redneck as far as anybody knows.

      Yeah, I don't believe this guy is who he says he is. Why would you insult someone who says they agree with you?

  18. It's your life, believe what you want to! As for Lisa, she is a Seriously Hateful Pathetic racist tebagging c@$#t Extremely freaking dumb!

  19. How fortunate we are to have ARSE-holes like Comrade Shaw, Dave, and Liberalmann around these blogs to “show us the way” with their sick, and mentality ill opinions. Frankly, I'm just sick and tired of that stupid, sick, mentality, that is crippling this Nation. .


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