Friday, April 13, 2012

The Global Climate Change Hoax Hoax

The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people ~ James Inhofe (dob 11/17/1934) the Senior Republican Senator from Oklahoma and author of the book The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, explaining his view on global climate change.

I come down on the side of those who believe that there is a hoax concerning global climate change. In my opinion the hoaxers are full of *censored*. They know they're wrong, but they continue pushing their untruths for political and monetary gain.

Or, at least some of them know they're wrong. Those would be the ones bought and paid for by the oil industry. Then there are the true believers; those who really believe the debate hasn't been settled, despite most scientists agreeing.

These "no global warming" or "questionable global warming" hoaxers and their dupes really tick me off. Global climate change will lead to the starvation of millions. The human suffering will be beyond comprehension, and these liars and their dupes caution prudence. It isn't worth the cost, they say, given the fact that the scientists may be wrong.

Personally I believe we should err on the side of caution and go with the best available information we have. Information which says global climate change is real, and occurring right now. Insurance companies, faced with increasing claims from severe weather, acknowledge the reality of global climate-change.

You think they aren't basing their conclusions on reams of statistical data gone over by their actuarial experts using advanced algorithms? I mean, I read a story on Yahoo News today that said insurance companies are pulling out completely from certain states in "tornado alley". Do you really think they'd be doing this if nothing had changed? If they could previously make profit selling policies to these people, and now they've determined that the risk is too high, clearly something is different.

That "something" is global climate change. Wake up naysayers, you're being duped. Don't buy into the hoax that global climate change is a hoax. It's real. (Also, the "market" has spoken. The insurance companies say it's real. Don't Conservatives say the market is always right?)

Video Description: Columnist for The Guardian, George Monboit interviewed on global climate change.

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  1. "Global climate change will lead to the starvation of millions."

    No it won't.

    "The human suffering will be beyond comprehension,"

    No it won't.

    " companies are pulling out completely from certain states in "tornado alley".

    They can't make money there, so they sell insurance somewhere else. This is life, duh.

    Climate change is dead. Cheers

  2. This unwillingness to admit we have a problem, is stupidity on top of willful ignorance, on top of blind idiocy. If we DID switch to power sources that weren't petroleum or coal-based, how BAD would that be, really? Ya mean maybe we wouldn't have to send our kids someplace to be shot to pieces? Maybe a whole lot of miners wouldn't die from black lung, or lung cancer, or asphyxiation when the damn mine caves in on them??? How TERRIBLE all of that would be!

  3. Doesn't matter.
    It's simply stupid to not use the most efficient, long lasting fuel source. That's not fossil fuels.

  4. Ultimately, all,our fuel sources are stored solar energy. We should use energy directly from the source rather than depleting our "batteries".

  5. See here for a rational alternative to climate change faith:

    Climate Change Faith

    It is a complicated issue.


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