Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This Blog isn't dead. Or is it?

The Best way to be boring is to leave nothing out ~ François-Marie Arouet (11/21/1694 – 5/30/1778), better known by the pen name Voltaire, was a French Enlightenment writer, essayist, deist and philosopher known for his wit, philosophical sport, and defense of civil liberties, including freedom of religion and the right to a fair trial.

I haven't posted anything new here for over 8 months now, although I did update the look of my blog several weeks ago. The reason is an apparent lack of interest. I can't even get family members to take a look. As I said in my initial post I'd give it some time, but if nobody joined in the discussion this blog probably wouldn't last long. Well, VERY few people have joined in the discussion. I only received a handful of comments. Is the lack of interest due to long winded posts (which a Conservative blogger claimed), or poor writing? I said I'd accept criticism in my initial post, yet I haven't received any critical responses either.

Should I give up, or should I complete the half dozen posts I started but never finished? If anybody out there has a successful blog and would like give me some pointers it would be appreciated.

I think what's really going on is that most Liberals are hanging out at the Daily Kos and not seeking out dinky blogs like mine.

I've created a poll so you can let me know what you think without having to formulate and enter a response. It's easy, just select a response from the drop down box and click "vote".

5/30/2013 Update: If you click the "vote" link Pollhost says, "We're sorry, we couldn't find that poll. It may have been removed by its owner or deleted for inactivity". The inactivity thing must be the reason Pollhost got rid of my poll, as I most certainly did not delete it.

If you still want to vote please do! But please do so here... this is my latest post on the same topic (shutting down my blog). Thank you.

7/30/2014 Update: Obviously my blog didn't die, but it HAS been on life support for a long time. Or maybe it did die and I simply refuse to acknowledge it. I mean, this blog STILL (7 years later) gets very little traffic. There was a short period of time (before, during and after the George Zimmerman trial, that a number of very racist individuals came to my blog to bash me in regards to my commentaries on the subject of the murdering Zimmerman, but they went away after awhile.

Now SWTD is, as one commenter put it a "blog ghost town". Or back to being one. Still, I wrote (as of this update) 256 more posts after this one, so, even though I was right (I just did not know it yet), giving up on post 9 was a little premature... although perhaps I should have. Perhaps I still should?



  1. The "look" of my blog has been updated again. Hopefully BlogExplosion will report that my blog no longer looks "scrambled". Hopefully I will then be accepted at BlogExplosion and that will help generate some traffic for my blog.

    What is painfully obvious right now is that NOBODY is reading. Which means I'm probably wasting my time here.

    It's been over a week since I asked (nobody?) if I should let my blog die... Looks like the consensus is "yes".

  2. hello. I haven't abandoned my blog, I'm just very busy. my life is beyond insane and I keep thinking it will calm down, but it never does. stress and sleep deprivation are my enemies but unfortunately they keep following me around. I try to sleep and relax every second I get, but its not that much. sometimes I wonder why I bother to work so hard...i'm just making myself unhappy. but hopefully i'll wind up getting somewhere and it'll all pay off.

    as for your blog, i didn't contribute to the vote. my response wasn't there word for word and i think i can convey it better here. I like your blog and i'd encourage you to keep posting. however, your posts do tend to be a little long-winded. but you do bring a good many facts to your posts and comments, which is something both interesting and informative. I would encourage you to continue but maybe try shorter posts which are thought provoking. this can start a conversation which will end up with more comments. personally I don't read the daily kos, no time. i usually just do the new york times over my dunkin donuts coffee on the bus.

    i think blogging is a good thing because it keeps people updated and it helps further the political discussion. a lot of people i know couldn't care less about politics, but the people i have found online love it. its a place where everyone who loves politics can get together and have one big long discussion on it, which to me is great. i think u'll miss blogging if u give it up, so i encourage you not to.

    come to think of it...maybe i just motivated myself to get back to

    -- Ellie

  3. ellie said... it's a place where everyone who loves politics can get together and have one big long discussion on it, which to me is great.

    That is why I started this blog, but so far there have been pratically ZERO discussions.

    ellie said... i think u'll miss blogging if u give it up, so i encourage you not to.

    I can still think about these things... without putting my thoughts into words. There is a lot more work involved in writing out a convincing argument. I'm already convinced, and nobody will read what I write -- so what's the point? I can't even get any insults when I specifically ask for them!

    Good luck with your blog... I'll keep checking back periodically for any new posts or comments.

  4. What is "BlogExplosion"? I don't even remember. In any case, it obviously never generated any traffic, as this blog is currently deader than dead.

    And, YES, Ellie, you did abandon your blog. I just checked and see that your last commentary is (still) from 2/14/2007 (and concerns the 2008 elections). This was your last post when you submitted your comment (above) CLAIMING that you had not abandoned your blog.

    BTW, it was a liar known as Dennis Marks who called SWTD a "blog ghost town". He was right about that, but still he inserted a lie. Before the "blog ghost town" bit he also said SWTD is a "house of canards"... he calls me a liar, in other words. Which is QUITE LOL-able, as it is Dennis who is the liar. (check out the link for PROOF that Mr. Marks lies non-stop).

    Back when I originally authored this commentary I hadn't even encountered Dennis yet... nor any of his lying friends (Willis Hart and a deluded fool who calls himself rAtional nAtion).


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