Saturday, September 02, 2006

Are Liberal Blogs More Popular Than Conservative Blogs?

Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof - John Jay Hooker, Democratic nominee for the Governor of Tennessee in 1970 and 1998.

Ranking Political Blogs

Prompted by a comment from a Conservative blogger, I recently asked myself the following question: Of all the political blogs out there, which are more popular, Liberal or Conservative Blogs? Of course everyone who is into blogging has heard of the Daily Kos - and knows it is one of the biggest Liberal blogs in existence. But is there any Conservative blogs that even come close? How many of the most popular blogs are Liberal and how many are Conservative?

According the 2/20/2006 issue of New York Magazine, of the 50 most linked to blogs, 12 deal with American politics. 8 of those 12 are Liberal, Democratic and Anti-War, whereas only 3 are Conservative, Republican, and Pro-War (and only 2 of those 3 are pro-bush). There is also one Libertarian/conservative Pro-War blog - so I'll bump the Conservative/Pro-war tally up by one - for a total of 8 Liberal/Progressive and 4 Conservative/Libertarian. (2/20/2006. Linkology, By Stuart Luman.)

A further Break-down reveals the following...

Liberal, Democratic, Anti-war (total: 8 Blogs)

Daily Kos #4, The Huffington Post #5, Crooks and Liars #9, Think Progress #20, Wonkette #29, Talking Points Memo #32, Eschaton #39, AMERICAblog #43.

Conservative, Republican, Pro-war (total: 4 Blogs)

InstaPundit #7 (The Libertarian Blog), Michelle Malkin #11, Power Line #37, Andrew Sullivan #50 (The Blog which isn't pro-bush).


Liberal blogs win hands down. According to The Truth Laid Bear, The Daily Kos reigns supreme with an average daily total of 499,153 hits/day, while Michelle Malkin comes in a distant second with 135,721 hits/day. (Instapundit comes in at third place, with a per day total of 112,617). Even Malkin herself, in a post dated 3/1/2005, concedes that the top spot undeniably goes to Daily Kos, which, according to her estimates, is visited by 29,460 US adults per day (hits per day includes multiple visits by the same individual) - compared to the runner-up Instapundit, with an estimated total of 25,020 visits by US adults per day. (Malkin estimates her blog receives 10,200 visitors per day.)

Washington Monthly: The [Daily Kos], which has existed for only around three and a half years, now has 3.7 million readers each week. That's more than the top 10 opinion magazines - of both left and right - combined, more readers than any political publication has had, ever, in the history of the world. (Kos Call by Benjamin Wallace-Wells, January/February 2006).



  1. it just proves what i've always been saying: liberals are just smarter than conservatives. j/k.

    interesting topic and awesome stats (as usual). I think that liberals who are anti-war are unhappy with the way things are going and think they can do some good by blogging. repubs who feel everything is fine and under control feel no need to do anything, so why bother. also it may have to do with a decreasing number of bush supporters.

    your other posts look very interesting. i will come back tomorrow, i'm very tired right now. sorry i haven't visited in a while, i've been very busy.

  2. W-Dervish,
    Thanks for the info about right/left blog popularity and
    metrics. While liberal, I generally haunt the conservative
    sites: attempting to demonstrate
    we are human also (while not getting kicked off) If you have
    not yet read it, I recommned James
    Carrol's "House of War" as a postscript to James Mann's "Rise
    of the Vulcans' for a perspective
    on the movers and shakers in the
    current US administration.

  3. BB-Idaho: Thanks for stopping by. I have a LONG list of books I'd like to read -- but, no, that one wasn't on it. I too post on Conservative blogs. So far I have been banned from two -- although it is never my "goal" to be banned, I don't censor what I say to avoid it. Do you? I saw your post over on "But I Can Hear You", and I have to say I found it a little tame.

    I posted to the same thread... but it doesn't look as though you checked back in after making your initial post. I plan on writing something for this blog on that topic (bush's use of the term "Islamo-Fascist") as well. Check back if you're interested.

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  5. Undeniable proof that Liberals are smarter.



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