Saturday, December 31, 2005

Re Commentaries Published B4 2/5/2006

The first day of this blog's existence was 2/5/2006. That's the day I set it up. I didn't actually publish a post until 2/7/2006. I did notice a while ago, however, that, under "post settings" the publish date can be changed. That explains this post, for which I changed the publish date to 12/31/2005 (when the actual publish date is 8/9/2016).

It occurred to me that I could publish a post "predicting" that something would happen. I could publish a commentary in which I worry that terrorists might fly planes into the world trade center, then change the date to before 9/11/2001. Then I could point to said post and say, "I called it".

Possibly in another commentary or comment in which I criticize gwb for not stopping the attacks. I mean, it was so obvious that even I suspected it might happen. Not that it wasn't "so obvious". bush WAS warned and those warnings were ignored (OST #168).

But the general public wasn't privy to the CIA briefings that bush (as president) was. Nobody but a selected few within government saw the PDB (presidential Daily briefing) that said Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US.

For example, I wrote a commentary for a sock puppet blog, a blog that is currently not visible to the public, and likely will never be. As I was going to use the identity to fool the blogger Willis Hart. But that's no longer possible. Because he restricted his blog to "team members" only (so, me infiltrating and fooling him with my sock puppet is no longer possible).

Also, I decided it was too much work and abandoned the blog long before it got to the point (enough posts) at which I was confident it would appear that the sock puppet ID had been blogging since before 2001.

As for the post, I titled it "I've Got A Feeling That Terrorists Might Attack The World Trade Center Again" and changed the date to 1/20/2001, the day that gwb was inaugurated.

George W Bush, the doofusy son of a former one term president was inaugurated today, becoming our 43rd potus. In my opinion dark days are ahead of us. For the record I voted for the Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader. In my strong opinion, however, the election was stolen from the true winner, Al Gore. That the Supreme Court stopped the recount and handed the presidency to W is total bullshit. Unprecedented bullshit.

But now we are stuck with W for at least the next 4 years. I can't imagine him getting re-elected, however. He'll be another one term president like his father, mark my words. God, it sickens me that it isn't Al Gore who is being sworn in today. Sure, I'd have prefered a president Nader, but a president Gore would have been acceptable to me as well. Especially considering that Al Gore actually won the election!

But back to the dark days. The reason I say that I think terrorists might attack the World Trade Center in New York City again is because they've done it before. On 2/26/1993 a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower, killing 6 people and injuring more than a 1,000. Those responsible had intended to bring down the entire structure and kill many more, however.

In my opinion the terrorists will probably try again, and the election of an incompetent CIC might be just the opportunity that our enemies have been waiting for. President Clinton, the traitor (AKA "New Democrat") who signed the NAFTA trade agreement, at least kept us safe. As you may recall, President Clinton attempted to take out bin Laden. Although the Republicans in Congress claimed that he did so only to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I didn't vote for Clinton, instead casting my ballot for Perot in both 1992 and 1996. I was convinced that Perot had a better shot the second time, given the fact that Clinton went back on his word and signed the trade agreement that cost many American jobs, just as Perot warned us. Unfortunately Perot did even worse the 2nd time he ran.

But at least Clinton recognized the threat posed by bin Laden and his terrorist group. Will our new illegitimate president also take the bin Laden threat seriously? I doubt it. Actually, I've got a very bad feeling that the WTC (or some other high profile target) might get bombed again. And this time our enemies might kill many more Americans. We got lucky the first time. Their plan was to kill thousands, but they only killed 6. We might not be so lucky the next time.

The sock puppet was an Independent Lefty that had abandoned the Democratic Party after the ConservaDem Bill Clinton became the nominee.

Anyway, as I already pointed out, me fooling Willis Hart (as I did previously) with a new, well constructed sock puppet can't be done any longer, as he decided he doesn't want ANYONE to comment on his blog anymore. So, that is why I abandoned the idea. And, in regards to backdating commentaries, I have not (nor will I) do that in order to fool anyone.

And, there is an encumbrance to enacting that idea (on this blog) if I decided I wanted to, which is that I've numbered all the commentaries. Check the bottom of each post and you'll find a number. A number that I manually placed there... meaning that if I wanted to insert a backdated post, I'd have to modify every post going forward (bump up the count by 1). Which would be a LOT of work.

In any case, the reason for the negative posts is that I decided that I wanted a place to write things I could link to. Right now I've got one idea. Just one. So the negative post numbers may end with -1. We'll see.

But (to be clear) it's ONLY the negatively numbered posts for which the dates will not be the actual publish dates. All the publish dates on the positively numbered commentaries reflect the actual dates on which they were published.


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