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A Disgusting Backdoor Defense of Donald Sterling

You think I'm a racist? You think I have anything in the world but love for everybody? ... You know I'm not a racist ~ Donald Sterling (dob 4/26/1934) the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball franchise, who, on 4/29/2014, was banned from the NBA for life after recordings of him making racist comments were made public.

Can you believe anyone would have the nerve to post a commentary defending the racist Clipper's owner Donald Sterling? Or, downplay and minimizing what happened, which is what the blogger Willis Hart has been doing on his site with 2 commentaries so far going after people OTHER than Sterling himself...

Willis Hart: I really don't have a problem with the NBA throwing the book at this asshole. But there does seem to be a double-standard. Ron Artest, a player, went into the stands and started beating people up. Latrell Sprewell, a player, strangled his coach. Both of these dudes only got a one year suspension. Is the NBA really saying that idiotic statements said in the privacy of your own home are a more serious offense than criminal acts of violence; assaults and batteries? That certainly does seem to be the case. (5/8/2014 AT 9:52pm).

So, the Hartster realizes that he shouldn't be defending Sterling, due to how racist what he said was, but he obviously wants to. The way to do it? Complain about the "hypocrisy" of a "double standard" of those "persecuting" Sterling... and rail against that. In part 1 of Willis' complaining about Sterling's persecutors he said, "[Sterling is] unquestionably an asshole. BUT I am just as much disturbed by the fact that somebody taped him without his knowledge and in his own home". (my emphasis).

Now he's complaining about players doing naughty things and being punished less (another "yes, but"). However, if Willis had bothered researching WHY the league wants not to suspend Sterling, but get rid of him - he would have found that it's a money thing...

LA Times: Major advertisers of the Los Angeles Clippers are fleeing in droves as they rush to distance themselves from comments about blacks attributed to team owner Donald Sterling. A growing list of more than a dozen sponsors, including Virgin America, Kia and State Farm, are canceling or suspending their deals with the basketball team... The statements could cause tens of millions of dollars in damage to the Clippers and the NBA, experts say. (Clippers advertisers flee in midst of Sterling scandal, 4/28/2014).

So, what the doofus Hart fails to realize - or never bothered finding out, due to his strong desire to find SOME angle by which he could defend Sterling - is that the league had to get rid of Sterling to appease the sponsors.

This isn't a matter of "idiotic statements said in the privacy of your own home" VERSUS "criminal acts of violence; assaults and batteries"! It's a matter of one guy's offense COSTING them, whereas sponsors didn't say anything about Ron Artest or Latrell Sprewell (and so they only got a light punishment).

For an individual who worships at the altar of the all-mighty dollar like the Hartster, this oversight is surprising. Or perhaps not, given how strong we can all see his desire to defend Sterling is. Even though he knows he shouldn't... which is why he preferences his comments by calling Sterling an "asshole" (first commentary) - and then attacking Al Sharpton... and next saying Sterling should have the book thrown at him (second commentary) - but then attacking two players who previously behaved badly.

And blatantly racist and disgusting comments are "idiotic statements"? Really? Yeah, I think most people would describe racist comments like Sterling's as offensive and beyond the pale and NOT go with a lesser pejorative like "idiotic". And that he said them "in the privacy of his own home" really isn't relative at all to this conversation. Regardless of where he made them, they are public knowledge now.

From the LiveJournal Blog Sex and Race...

Defending Racism: Like a drinking problem or drug habit, racism works best when no one is willing to talk about it, and even better, when everyone works together to cover up the problem. The most important thing is to make sure that you can hide your problem from yourself - it's key in maintaining those 3 beliefs that will keep you racist for a lifetime!

Sounds to me like this is exactly what Mr. Hart is doing. In neither of his posts does he discuss racism - instead downplaying it ("idiotic comments"), and then going on the attack against other targets. Why? Possibly because Willis has some racial biases he's hiding from himself? If so I'd say he has that in common with Sterling. I can't say for certain, but this individual does have a history of accusing Liberals of "playing the race card" - which is how those with racial biases OFTEN describe what's going on when "a liberal" (or a Black person) REACTS to racist behavior (usually from the Right). And, BTW, Sterling is a Republican.

Regardless, I find the sordid saga of Willis' backdoor defense of Sterling to be disgusting.

Also, I don't think I really buy that it hasn't occurred to Mr. Hart that the NBA might want to get rid of Sterling because he's costing the league money. I mean, to get rid of those other two guys would have cost THEM. Remember that the NFL took back Michael Vick (who currently plays for the New York Jets). Harsher penalties for Artest, Sprewell and Vick would have cost the sports franchise owners... but getting rid of Sterling is only going to cost Sterling. And it will appease the sponsors thus saving the league money. Really, it isn't that hard to figure out.

Image Description: A graph that shows those on the Right and those on the Left have increasingly separate realities about race. I have no idea how Willis Hart feels about 12 years a slave winning best picture, but he did defend George Zimmerman with posts in the double digits, and he must be opposed to Sterling being forced to sell the Clippers (I'm guessing). I mean, why should someone be forced to sell something they own because of "idiotic statements said in the privacy of [their] own home". That would be ridiculous, right?

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