Friday, April 04, 2014

Giving Them What They Want

It's the way humanity is; give them what they want, and it turns out it's not what they wanted after all ~ Kelsey Sutton, author of Some Quiet Place.

Seems as though I'm in a position now that another post setting the record straight is required. This time in response to a commentary on the blog of the individual who calls himself "rAtional nAtion", as well as a comment from Mr. Nation on the blog Progressive Eruptions in which he refers to me as "pond scum".

According to Mr. Nation's blog post, I have "taken it upon [my]self to set up a spoof site named Lying Lester", but this is an inaccurate characterization of what actually happened. It first came to my attention that RN was desirous of me setting up a site that focused on him by way of the following comment thread from Willis Hart's blog...

rAtional nAtion: Just got a lovely letter from Dervo. He wants permission to do a feature article on me like he has recently done on Will and dmarks. I ignored him of course. So, I suppose he'll go back to sulking, or... playing with his willy. Dude is seriously narcissistic. (3/26/2014 AT 9:28am).

Willis Hart: Les, doesn't he already have a blog that's dedicated entirely to you? I thought that he did. (3/26/2014 AT 10:41pm).

rAtional nAtion: Yeah, while back. It was a bunch of BS, made lies, and the delusional stuff Dervo is so proficient at. Dude sent me another e-mail on the subject. He's seriously peeved that I'm not posting his blathering comments any longer. (3/27/2014 AT 3:40am).

Now, I had no idea WTF Mr. Nation was talking about (and still do not). Apparently he thinks I had a blog dedicated to him a while back? I'd ask him to give a link to it, but Willis Hart does not allow me to comment. Maybe he thinks I had one but deleted it? Or maybe he wanted me to set up one so desperately that he imagined that I already had? That was my guess, in any case. Although that email (which wasn't actually an email, but a comment submitted to his blog) was me telling him I wasn't going to do it (set up a blog about him). I flatly said NO.

But then I reconsidered. I thought, if he really wants me to set up a blog that focuses on him, maybe I should just give him want he wants. I mean, it might be good for a laugh or two. And, seeing as he banned me from further comment on his blog, I said... what the hell, and went ahead and did it.

As for it being a spoof blog, I remembered that the blogger Shaw Kenawe said "parody can be very funny when handled by someone with a sharp wit and intelligence", so I decided to try that. But my parody attempt of RNUSA appears to have fallen far short of qualifying as possibly being described as being written by one someone with those qualities. Which is OK, as I am not narcissistic. Seriously.

Now, I don't think one should be criticized for trying, but apparently humor wasn't my goal. The "real reason" is that "the object of the parody drives [me] mad, and it is the only way [I] have to retaliate". Or maybe it's the "real reason" when the person doing the assessing believes your parody attempt fails to be either witty or intelligent?

No matter, as this blog will likely whither and die sooner than later, despite Mr. Nation's hunger that I be "quite active" in posting to it. But I seriously doubt that will be the case. Remember that I initially had no intention of setting up a blog for Mr. Nation at all. It was only after he cajoled me into it that I reluctantly decided to give him what he wanted.

And he jumps on that with a post on his own blog in which he clearly was attempting to solicit negative comments about me. On his own blog and on Progressive Eruptions. At worst I guess you could say that I fell for Mr. Nation's trap. I never asked "permission" to do a "feature article" on him. I actually told him I didn't wasn't interested... but he lies about me asking "permission" and (at first) saying I'd already done it.

Now he's acting all mad and posting angry comments on multiple blogs about how I'm "pond scum". And sending me emails as well, each one "sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone". Although I should note that it has only been 2 so far... it isn't as if he's flooding my inbox with messages (although I'd just block him if he did). Anyway, I guess this points to him being genuinely mad.

Not just mad, but virtually boiling over with pure rage. Which is strange, given that he practically begged that I set up the blog in the first place, and then enthusiastically endorsed it with a post on RNUSA in an attempt to drive traffic to it. However, I now suspect his post was tongue-in-cheek and that the real purpose of it was not to praise the parody blog, but to elicit negative comments about me, as well as turn other Progressive bloggers against me.

And now, at this point in the commentary, I see that is exactly what has happened. Everything up to this point was written yesterday (April 3rd)... and now (on April 4th) the blogger Octo came to the defense of his buddy RN and demanded that the Lying Lester site be closed... and so it shall be.

Seems that Octo and RN have now joined up in a public shaming exercise. Serves me right for thinking I could get away with talking back to Octo, I suppose.

So... sorry about that. It won't happen again. If Octo has a problem with me in the future all he has to do is let me know and I'll try my best to do whatever Octo wants. Although Octo will probably never read this, as, in addition to the public shaming, I may also now be shunned by who-knows-how-many members of the Progressive blogosphere.

Finally... Shaw Kenawe wrote about Internet trolls: Sadists and psychopaths and apparently Octo is trying to shoehorn me into the "troll" category when he implies I'm someone who takes "sadistic pleasure in taunting other people"... but actually, no, that is not me.

It's the "oh, but he started it first" that explains my actions. That and I thought it was funny and that RN agreed. And when I found out he was mad... well, I surely was not inclined to try to please someone calling me "pond scum". Not that any of that is any kind of excuse, mind you. Because when one person ridicules, demeans and takes continual pot shots at someone... it is only if the object of the derision responds that anyone can be accused of doing anything wrong. Live and learn.

Update 7/17/2015: I ended up NOT closing "Lying Lester", although I recently switched it from spoofing RNUSA to spoofing another blog. Although the spoofing of RNUSA continued for quite awhile after this commentary in which I said I was quitting because Octo insisted (until 6/14/2015).

SWTD #246, lDel #17.


  1. Pond scum is actually part of a small ecosystem. When I was little, my grandad bought a dream home in North Oklahoma with a year-round creek running behind his property. It was the home and birthing place of polliwogs, dragonflies, skaters, frogs and other insects and animals. Lakes and ponds are similarly great centers of life and biodiversity. Where I live now, the creeks are much smaller and slower or dry up completely in the late spring. Still, I saw fish last Saturday on my bike ride with the kids. Thousands of tiny fish in my local creek! I first thought that they were polliwogs. I still don't understand how the eggs can survive dormant most of the year. I thought perhaps it was an example of a vernal pool. However, most of those have been paved and built over in my home town. A vernal pool is usually located on low-lying flat ground.

    BTW, we still do have frogs in the gorges and arroyos near the beach as well as up on the coastal palisades. Legend has it that they sometimes are carried by the wind in storms and travel to new locales by air.

  2. As per my blog commenting rules, anyone whose profile is set to not display will likely not be published... for this reason the comment by "gregtuco" has been rejected. Also, it was insulting to my previous commenter. Anyway... two strikes and you're OUT. Please feel free to try again, however.

    As for FJ's comment that mentions "vernal pools"... that was very interesting. It prompted me to look up vernal pool on Wikipedia where I found some more interesting and informative information. Thanks for that, FJ.

    1. Screw you both and the Mule you rode in on.

  3. How many mules have you screwed, Greg?

  4. Stii working on my first..... You

  5. Greg, that mule named "You" that you speak of cannot give its consent to be screwed. I surely hope you are caught and given a stiff (no pun intended) fine. Jail time too, if the laws concerning animal sodomy where you live allow for it.

  6. Give them what they want?

    Well someone should tell that to Our First Wookie.
    The First Wookie Gets A Verbal Shoe Thrown At Her Over School Lunch Program!
    I guess Hillary Klintoon and the First Wookie do have something in common after all.
    The First Wookie’s campaign against obesity, and for healthy eating imaybe a noble one. However, America’s public school children would beg to differ.
    Over the past few months, first lady Moosheel Obama has helped roll out a new public lunch program aimed at providing healthy, nutritious lunches to all kids in school, regardless of their financial status. The program seemed to be a positive step in the right direction, as obesity rates in young people have increased drastically in recent years, but tweets from students directly affected by the program show that it may not be going as well as Our First Wookie had hoped. But! The kids aren't eating this pathetic crap, and they aren’t going to stand for it.
    The Blaze first reported on the recent increase in rants on Twitter from students who received food as part of the White House’s public lunch program. All of the students appear to be less than pleased with the food they’ve been given for lunch, and they all seem to blame it on the first lady. They are taking to social media to let The Moocher know what they think of her school lunches. And it’s not pretty.
    I have a hunch that is not the same crap what the Obama's kids are eating for lunch.
    “I’ll never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch,” tweeted Anthony Gallimore.
    Another student tweeted a picture of what appears to be a hot dog bun filled with tomato sauce and cheese alongside three cherry tomatoes and a carton of milk with the caption, “You call this f------ ‘lunch’?
    More students were just as quick to post pictures of their lackluster lunches and lay all of the blame on Moosheel. Just last week, reports claimed that more than 1 million students had turned down the public lunch program because they felt the food was subpar. Still, she said from the beginning that they were working on making sure the healthy food still tasted good.
    "Because of this act ... 32 million children get more of the nutrition they need to learn and grow and be successful and I do hope it's delicious — we're working on that, yes, indeed," said Obama in a statement last year.
    Clearly, many students are not happy with Michelle Obama’s new public lunch program, and it will be interesting to see how long it can last the way it’s going now.
    I would suggest that this food Nazis rather deal with some more serious problems that we have here in America.
    Bottom line:, If another "libtard" sits in the White House after the next Presidential election, you can kiss the USA goodbye!

  7. What a horribly racist comment you cut and pasted, Greg. Did you even read it before you cut and pasted it from somewhere else on the web? Anyway (and this is in regards to something at the end, so you might not have read it), it would make me very happy if a Liberal were elected president. But I seriously doubt that will happen. Obama is a Conservative Dem. If Hillary is elected we'll have another Conservative Dem... which is better than a Repub (who, if elected we could kiss the USA goodbye)... but good enough to stop (or even slow down) our slide into plutocracy? I fear "no".


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