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Severe Conservative Delusions: Al Gore & The Invention of the Internet Edition

The day I made that statement, about the inventing the internet, I was tired because I'd been up all night inventing the Camcorder ~ Al Gore (dob 3/31/1948) an American politician, advocate and philanthropist, who served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton... joking about the deluded liars who think he claims to have invented the internet.

Al Gore, the only person ever elected to the presidency who did not serve, also happens to be the victim of an (old) lie about him having claimed to be the inventor of the internet. Actually, this "lie" is more of a joke... because we all know he didn't say it. That Al Gore claims to have invented the internet has been debunked by Snopes. Follow the link and you will see that the judgment of this well-known resource for validating and debunking "urban legends, Internet rumors, email forwards, and other stories" (Snopes) is that the meme is false.

Yet, this does not stop Dennis Marks (AKA dmarks) from lying and stating that, no, he truly believes that Gore said he invented the internet...

Dennis Marks: Al Gore did not use the word invent, but he did use the word create, and said that he created the Internet. Yes are no: are you aware of the existence of synonyms? And if you are, how can you argue that invent does not mean create? Face it: Gore claimed to have invented it (correct paraphrase), which is untrue since he never did. (4/18/2012 AT 5:49am).

So, Dennis has to resort to synonyms to "prove" Mr. Gore "lied"? How pathetic. At best it could be argued that Mr. Gore misspoke. He surely did not lie, as we know Mr. Gore was referring to legislation he sponsored during his time in Congress. The Wikipedia page "Al Gore and information technology" notes that "in the 1980s and 1990s, [Gore] promoted legislation that funded an expansion of the ARPANET, allowing greater public access, and helping to develop the Internet".

What follows is the statement by Gore; from an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN's "Late Edition" program on 3/9/1999...

Al Gore: During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.

Gore directly references the legislation he sponsored after CORRECTLY pointing out that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet". While it is true that "create" and "invent" are synonyms, defines a synonym as "a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the [English] language". In the context of Al Gore's quote, the meaning is NOT the same, as Snopes points out...

Snopes: Al Gore did not claim he "invented" the Internet, nor did he say anything that could reasonably be interpreted that way. The "Al Gore said he 'invented' the Internet" put-downs were misleading, out-of-context distortions... (excerpt from the Snopes article Internet of Lies).

In the context of Mr. Gore's quote an honest person can NOT use the "synonym argument" and thus conclude Gore was claiming to have invented the internet, as a synonym can mean a word that has NEARLY the same meaning and not EXACTLY the same meaning. A honest person would look at the CONTEXT of the word being used and conclude - as Snopes did - that those who claim Gore invented the internet are full of bullplop. But Dennis is not an honest person. Also, he most certainly is full of poop.

Proof that Dennis dissembles is that when I said "he [Gore] was CLEARLY referring to the legislation he sponsored", Dennis remarked...

Dennis Marks: Now that is a flat out lie. You are defending Gore on what you think he said, not what he actually said. He CLEARLY took credit for bringing the Internet into being. Which in fact he never did: it existed before the point in time in which he claimed to have invented it (exact word "Created"). (3/28/2012 at 8:46am). [Note: Dennis deleted this comment, but I quoted him in my response immediately following the deleted comment].

No, Dennis, you delusional lying sack of excrement, Al Gore actually said "I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives..." and he was referring to the legislation he sponsored. The only one thinking (or imagining) Al Gore said something that he did not is YOU. Mr. Gore did NOT "clearly" take credit for bringing the Internet into being.

Conclusion? We should all thank Gore for helping set up the environment that lead to the internet as we now know it. Without the foresight and genius of the ex-Vice President, I would not be online blogging today. If only Mr. Gore had invented a method of ensuring the integrity of elections, then perhaps George bush would not have stolen the presidency from him. It is a shame, as with a President Gore, we may have stopped the terrorists and prevented the tragedy of 9-11. At least we have the internet, I guess... and for that I say... THANK YOU, Mr. Gore... the only man ever elected president who never served. The world owes you a debt of gratitude.

As for Mr. Marks, I think we (all of us in the reality based community) can conclude he is a delusional nutter who will now - if he reads this commentary - start claiming Gore lied about inventing the camcorder.

Video: Al Gore tells the truth about how he took the initiative in creating the internet.

Update 10/6/2014: In regards to the comment by Dennis that he deleted above, according to him he did it "for the amusement factor".

SWTD #236, dDel #18. See also TADM #15.


  1. Al Gore NEVER said he invented the internet. Everyone, except dmarks who tends to be like a dog on a bone when he needs to be right about something, everyone knows Al Gore NEVER meant to say he "invented" the internet. But these sorts of people will use this to slam Mr. Gore because it's their way of trashing a liberal. Ignore it.

    People who have deeper understandings of things like this said by politicians know better. People who just want to score points will hammer away at it.

    Pay no attention. It's rather sad.

    Even the Christian Science Monitor (no hot bed of liberalism) has listed this lie about Gore in its list of "Political misquotes: The 10 most famous things never actually said."

    But don't tell dmarks, it'll spoil his gnawing on that old bone.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the CS Monitor article, Shaw. Here is the link and article quote...

    CS Monitor: "Everybody knows that Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet. But like many things that everyone knows, it's not actually true".

    They place it at Number 9 in their list of "The 10 most famous things never actually said". At number 10 is another misquote that dmarks lies about. The quote is "I can see Russia from my house!" which Sarah Palin never actually said, although SOME people think she did (when it was actually SNL's Tina Fey). But, according to dmarks it was "leftists who went around claiming that Palin said she could see Russia from her house" (actual dmarks quote).

    dmarks said that after I pointed out to him that people who believed Palin said that are likely politically uninformed and not "Leftists". Then he went on to quote Snopes (debunking the Palin quote)... even though when I quoted Snopes to prove Al Gore never said he invented the internet - dmarks said Snopes was wrong!

    Here is another quote from dmarks in which he calls Al Gore a "boob" for claiming to have invented the internet...

    dmarks: I am being completely factual here. The bullshit is coming from you for claiming that there's some substantive difference between someone claiming that he invented the Internet and that he created it. I suggest you read Gore's actual quotation before you make as much of a fool of yourself as the boob who took false credit for creating the Internet. (6/23/2011 at 3:56am).

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  4. Whatever. Like I really care.

    Carry on...

  5. That sleezeball Al Gore used his "I invented the internet" line to get into Tippers pants when they were first dating.I guess it impressed her. Later when she found out Al had been using that line for five years to get pussy she dumped his fat ass.

    Thank god the American people were smart enough not to elect this fool as
    president. Hell...Bill Clinton knew Gore was a dipshit and refused to campaign for him.

  6. Rusty's joke comment published, although not because it was funny. Published so I could point out that America DID elect Al Gore. He won and bush lost. Unfortunately for the American people the Conservative SCOTUS judges stole the election for bush.

  7. And I thought that he invented the wheel

  8. Do you know the names of the people who "stole" this election? They should be arrested and put on trial....we cannot just allow people stealing stuff....after all we are a nation of laws.

    I would like you to begin an investigation as to how these people can be brought to this post haste and report back to me with your progress.

  9. I thought Gore just took bullshit to a new to deeper depths.

    Yes, Rusty's joke was funny.

  10. Even though dmarks deleted the comments I linked to above, he did just recently say more on the topic of Al Gore and his "inventing" the internet...

    dmarks: He did most specifically say this... even with the creating word. I looked it up on CNN. Just giving Shaw and WD more fun with their old bone chewing. (4/2/2014 AT 2:46am).

    dmarks: If you use his creating word instead of the almost-identical invented, then there is no debate at all. (4/2/2014 AT 2:53am).

    dmarks: (4/2/2014 AT 8:20pm).

    dmarks: Anyway, there it is. Gore saying he created something that others created before him. Is Gore alone in being a lying politician? No. But this blunder by him surely contributed to his rejection by the electorate in Nov. 2000. More old bones for those who worship Gore as an imaginary election winner and gaffe-free saint. (43, 2014 AT 9:37 AM).

    So, there you go. Dennis has lied (and continue to lie) about Al Gore taking credit for something he didn't do. But Al Gore DID take the initiative (in Congress) in drafting and championing legislation that CREATED the environment that lead to the internet as we know it today.

    The Wikpedia page "Al Gore and information technology" notes that "In the 1980s and 1990s, [Gore] promoted legislation that funded an expansion of the ARPANET, allowing greater public access, and helping to develop the Internet".

    Any moron could deduce that THIS is what Mr. Gore was talking about. But clearly Dennis' intelligence is sub-moron, which is why the boob keeps blithering on the same bullshit over and over. Not to mention the FACT that numerous fact checking organizations have debunked Dennis' claims.


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