Saturday, May 27, 2017

I Want Donald J. Trump Dead. Either By Natural Causes Or Assassination. Whatever It Takes To Remove Him From The Presidency

Obama, he's a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun ~ Ted Nugent (dob 12/13/1948) quote from a "a vicious onstage rant" during an August 2007 concert.

Just so you know, the post title is intentionally hyperbolic. I'd be OK with any method by which DJT was removed from office. Resignation, impeachment or removal via the 25th amendment would be preferable. I'd even be OK with him returning to his lavish lifestyle. Afterwhich he might divorce Melania and marry a 4th trophy wife.

It would make me extremely happy if he exited the presidency humiliated and (somehow) financially ruined. Or better yet, tried and sent to prison. Due to him violating the Logan act, being a traitor by colluding with Russia, obstructing justice, or in regards to past or ongoing criminal activity.

Point is, I am not wishing him death. Or calling for his death. Death would, in fact be the last thing I'd like to see in DJT's immediate future. I'd MUCH rather see him humiliated and ruined. Even if he does not end up in prison. Which is unlikely for many reasons (a pardon from a president Pence being one). But, given the fact that it will be up to Republicans to initiate removal under the Constitution (and they might be completely unwilling no matter what), I'd be perfectly OK with him being removed via death.

I mean, we know know that Republicans were aware of the Trump/Putin connection prior to the election! "House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told fellow Republicans in a private meeting last year that he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin pays Donald Trump"... as per audio tape and the Washington Post. Although McCarthey says it was a "joke". Sure.

So the chances of Republicans getting behind impeachment might be slim. Which is why I would be OK with getting Trump out of office by either assassination or a "natural causes" croaking. Surely I would not cry. According to the troll Luke/Steve (suggested on WYD in a deleted thread) I should be the one to take out Trump. Because I am "a sad, useless person who could be sacrificed for the cause". I pointed out to him that threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony (although that didn't stop Ted Nugent, who recently visited the White House).

But it is NOT going to be me. I do not believe I could outsmart the Secret Service. Even if I were willing to sacrifice myself to get rid of Trump. I would likely fail. That's IF I had a desire or ability to try. Which I DO NOT. Although it might be better that a White guy (which I am) did it. As opposed to a Muslim or Mexican. That might result in Trump's travel ban being permanent or his wall being built. By president Pence, perhaps.

In regards to assassination, a commenter on Quora says "if past is prologue, about 1 in 4 that he will be killed, injured or narrowly escape an assassination attempt. There is a 90% chance that at least one attempt will be made, since one attempt has been made on 9 of the last 10 Presidents".

But even if an attempt is made, it does not mean it will be successful. Death by natural causes might actually be the best resolution that can be hoped for. If collusion with Russia leads to impeachment and removal from office - you KNOW his supporters will never accept it. No matter the proof uncovered, it will be "fake news" as far as they are concerned.

Death by natural cause could raise concerns of foul play. Remember that Justice Scalia was "murdered"? But the nuts will believe what they want to believe. Trump's doctor Harold Bornstein claimed that Trump would be (if elected) the "healthiest president in history". Obvious bullplop.

A blog post from The Hill says "depending on what medical records are considered, the president is either overweight or obese. Weighing in at 236 pounds, he is the third heaviest president, behind William Howard Taft and Grover Cleveland. Trump is not a believer in exercise and his diet is considered less than healthy, by many experts".

CNN Politics reports that "other than golf, he considers exercise misguided. Apparently Trump believes "the human body is like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depletes". Of course people who aren't weirdos know this theory is idiotic.

Trump is also the oldest person to ever become president. Ronald Reagan was 69 at beginning of his first term. Trump was 70 upon inauguration. Many people believe he suffers from dementia. I agree that dementia could be an explanation. Raw Story believes "Trump's speech deterioration could be a sign of early dementia".

Although, the man who authored The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, says "Trump has a 200-word vocabulary". This is an assessment Schwartz reached after working with the Donald (in preparation to ghostwrite his book) in 1987 (30 years ago).

A Trump presidency is a danger to the world and he MUST go. Which is why I'm OK with whatever it takes to remove him from office. Excepting any method that changes us from a democracy to some other form of government (a military coup, for example). Also, I would not want Madonna to blow up the White House (a lot of innocent people would die). Other than that? Whatever it takes. The incompetent Orange Buffoon has GOT to go. The sooner the better.

BTW, as much as I hated gwb (and I hated him a LOT), I never entertained such thoughts for a sustained period of time (assassination or death by natural causes). I thought he should be impeached for lying us into 2 illegal wars, but I did not seriously think it would happen. Unlike with Trump. Impeachment looks like a real possibility. Trump is clearly way in over his head. He is the most unqualified person EVER to assume the presidency.

Anyway, I am not calling for, or hoping that Trump be assassinated. I'm only saying that I wouldn't give a shit if he were. Unlike Trump, who did suggest that Hillary should be assassinated if she were to win. If gwb had been assassinated I would have agreed that it was a national tragedy (a president, any president being murdered). As opposed to possibly a good thing in the case of Trump.

Video: Insane man (or actor playing a character) Alex Jones says the CIA & Obama are plotting the assassination of Trump, 12/11/2016 (2:50).

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Massacre (Countdown To Trump Impeachment)

If no special prosecutor is appointed, everyone is going to suspect coverup ~ Chuck Schumer on the firing of Comey.

America's reality show preznit Donald Trump to James Comey: "you're fired". John Podesta (HRC's campaign manager) via tweet following the firing: "didn't you know you're supposed to wait til Saturday night to massacre people investigating you?".

The "Saturday Night Massacre" was one of the most dramatic turns of events in the Watergate scandal - the political drama that rocked the United States in the 1970s and led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. President Nixon and the Attorney General's office were locked in a political standoff over Nixon's refusal to comply with orders to release recordings of White House conversations. Nixon ordered the firing of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. But Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy William Ruckelshaus resigned rather than comply with the order. Cox was eventually fired by the US solicitor general.

Critics of President Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey see similarities between Cox's firing decades ago and Trump's action on Tuesday. The Trump administration, critics say, is trying to undermine the FBI's investigation into allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, just as Nixon tried to stop lawmakers from learning the truth about his role in the Watergate scandal. (Comey firing draws comparisons to Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" by Joe Sterling. CNN, 5/10/2017).

So, are we going to get a special prosecutor now and will investigations into Trump lead to his resignation or impeachment? BTW, Trump cited Jeff Sessions as recommending the firing. Huh. I thought Sessions said he'd recuse himself in regards to the Trump/Russia investigation (due to his being caught lying to Senator Franken about his own Russia connections). Then he tells Trump to fire the head guy investigating his campaign?

"While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation" Trump's letter to Comey informing him of the firing reads - a claim that is complete BS. According to The Washington Post, "speaking to reporters Tuesday evening, [White House Press Secretary] Spicer said he did not know what the three occasions were when Comey told Trump that he wasn't under investigation". That's because it never happened.

BTW, according to Fox Nooz, Comey "resigned". Malcolm Nance (on the 5/10/2017 of the Stephanie Miller Show) said 2 names being floated as Comey replacements include Rudy Giuliani (who has also been linked to Russia) and Sheriff Clarke (RW hero who allowed a prisoner to be murdered by guards in his jail).

Two individuals who will be certain to pick up shut down the Trump/Russia investigation. Time for a special prosecutor.


See also: [RNUSA] Trump Fires Comey [5/9/2017]. RN writes "Are Trump's true motives obvious on this? or is it just me?"... No it is not just you. As per the Washington Post "Trump has given every reason for us to believe he fired Comey over the Russia investigation". BTW, as per the former MI6 agent Christopher Steele dossier, there exists "records of payments from the Trump campaign to banks of Russian cyber trolls tasked with spreading disinformation ahead of the 2016 election".

5/16/2017 Update: From the NYT... "President Trump asked the FBI director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, in an Oval Office meeting in February, according to a memo Mr. Comey wrote shortly after the meeting. I hope you can let this go, the president told Mr. Comey, according to the memo". Comey didn't let it go and got fired. Isn't this obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense? Time for Congressional Democrats to shut down Congress until we get a special prosecutor, IMO.

5/19/2017 Update: Trump to Russian officials, admitting (again) obstruction of justice: "I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off".

#TrumpRussiaCollusion, #TrumpRussia, #ImpeachTrump.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Luke's Truths

Luke Spencer is a mentally ill hate-filled individual who has been trolling this blog (using various IDs) for several years. A fact I have extensively documented here. Although he denies that he sent me many graphic and disgusting homophobic comments as "Steve".

"I have nothing to say about comments NOT made by me" he wrote. Even though the Blogger ID numbers (for "Luke" and "Steve" comments) are an exact match. Proof positive that he changed the name on his account from "Steve" to "Luke". Still he thinks this is something he can deny. Likely because he is an idiot.

Anyway, he has a post on his blog titled Dervish's Truths. A post he thinks reveals what a insane liar I am. Due to the post titles; many of which I chose just to provoke him. The case with a title in which I refer to Trump as the Antichrist. Something I have never declaratively stated, as such a thing is unknowable. Certainly at this point in time.

Which I point out in the post body. I say that I think that IF there is to be an Antichrist, it MIGHT be Donald Trump. But the idiot continues to claim that I have unequivocally stated that I know (or think I know) that Trump is a figure of evil that will falsely claim to be the Messiah.

Also, the moron cannot recognize satire. Or distinguish fact from fiction. So he put together (and has been updating) a commentary on his blog in which he lists my post titles. Or "truths", which he falsely claims the titles represent. Which they do not.

Anyway, what follows is my compilation of post titles from Luke's blogs. Titles that prove that Luke is the one who exhibits psychopathic and criminal behavior. Or so I'll just say. It will be more true than him saying the same thing about me, I think.

Luke's Truths: Selected Posts from Luke's Blogs

[1] Presidential Health. 9/15/2016. Luke rants about "crazy Liberals" who question whether or not Trump is physically fit enough to be president. He writes "I'm rooting for Trump, if for no other reason than to shove it down the throats of these mean, hate filled, crazy liberals who think attacking with hate is the only way to win an election".

[2] I'm Still Rooting For Trump. 2/11/2017. Luke rants about how he is still rooting for Trump because he knows how much Liberals hate Trump and he wants them to suffer.

[3] Homos! 3/4/2017. Luke rants about how much he hates gay people, including his delusion that I and another blogger he hates are gay lovers.

[4] I Am An Awesomely Fantastic, Incredibly, Colossally Stupendous Writer. Big League. 4/15/2017. Luke rants about what a great writer he is. Proof that he suffers from grandiose delusions.

[5] Dervish Sanders (A Mentally Deranged Hate-Filled Criminal) Wants To Kill Me. 5/6/2017. Luke rants about his persecutory delusion that I want to kill him. When the exact opposite it true and it is Luke who wishes me death. The proof being the many comments Luke has written saying I should kill myself.

Luke is one of the leaders of the nutjob crowd. Along with TOM, Steve, The Real Luke, and other great thinkers. By "crowd" I mean all his other IDs, which he refers to as "people". Idiocy he uses as the basis to deny that he is behind these IDs. He can't be "8 other people". Also, the comments don't match. As if it is 100% impossible for someone to write in another voice. For example, I hate Trump's guts, and it would therefore be impossible for me to create a sockpuppet who writes about how awesome Trump is.

Note that, aside from the first post ("Presidential Health") Luke (if he reads this) might claim that he did not author the posts in question. In fact, he might claim that I wrote them. A claim that I say is laughable. I mean, compare what I write here to the posts on "I'm Rooting For Trump" (the blog I pulled the other post titles from). The sentiments obviously do not match! I've never rooted for Trump. He did, by his own admission ("I'm rooting for Trump" being his EXACT words)!

Also, many of the posts contain lies about me. Why the hell would I write hateful lie-filled blog posts about myself? Luke is deeply mentally ill and someone I would not be surprised to hear about on the news as the next mass killer. At the very least we can be certain his claim that he follows the Golden Rule is complete bullshit.

He does not even know what the Golden Rule is! According to him "I treat you as you have treated me and you deserve it". But the ACTUAL Golden Rule says "one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself".

Which, given the fact that he trolled me first and for years (during which time I could do nothing, because he only had the blog Stay A While, which he denies is his and is in any case abandoned), I took it that he wanted/wants me to troll Words and Music (and otherwise harass him when I see him commenting on other blogs such as WYD). Yet, when I did just that, he claimed he was the victim (he never trolled me, and certainly not as "Steve"), and whined (and continues to whine) about my reciprocal treatment of him. Treatment HE deserves.

SWTD #378