Sunday, February 19, 2017

The tRump Family Of Moochers (#TrumpDupes #2)

That kind of pronouncement is typical of many cult leaders, who say that "my way is the only way, I am the only one". That was a very defining moment ~ Rick Alan Ross, America's leading cult expert, speaking about Trump's proclamation that "I alone can fix it".

Remember when Obama was president and the Right-wing complained endlessly about how much the Obama family vacations cost? They even came up with a nickname for our former FLOTUS. "Moochie" is what they called her. Also "Mooch-elle" or "Moochelle".

My suspicion is that it had something to do with Michelle Obama being Black. Remember Reagan's (imaginary) "welfare queen"? Wikipedia notes that "since then, the phrase has remained a stigmatizing label and is most often directed toward black, single mothers".

Michelle Obama wasn't a single mother, of course. But she is Black. Which is why (I'm convinced) she was labeled a "moocher". My proof? The Right doesn't seen outraged at all now that taxpayer money is being used to fund the non-work related activities of the new "first family". And, as it turns out, the amount is substantially more.

Donald Trump's family's trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama's cost in an entire year. The US President's three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons' business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (2/18/2017 article by Peter Walker).

12 times the mooching should equal 12 times the outrage, right? While he might not be representative of a majority on the Right, a WYD commenter who wandered on over to my blog did recently express some outrage at taxpayer money being spent on First Family expenses. Although his anger concerned money spent in 2015 for a trip that Michelle took to Koyoto.

Minnesota Fats: Rental Cars for Michelle O's Kyoto Visit Cost $78,741. GET THIS ONE! Our Former First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to a Buddhist Temple in Kyoto is costing taxpayers nearly $80,000 for rental cars ALONE! According to a government contract, that was made by our FORMER President. (2/18/2017 at 11:17am).

OK, so the story appears to be accurate. And that amount does seem very high to rent some vehicles. But, like I said, the story is from 2015. A fact MN Fats is obviously aware of. Explaining why he inserts the word "former". Which he CAPS for some reason (Obama hate, I'm guessing).

Anyway, I be willing to bet that the hypocrisy of this MN Fats fellow (someone who created his ID this month) is typical of the Right. And that racism is a factor. And I predict that the Orange grifter will likely continue to spend 12 times the money for his vacays. Not to mention the astronomical sum being spent to protect Trump Tower while his trophy wife and son live there (2 million large a day).

But (I predict), the #trumpdupes won't complain. Because Donald and family are White. Even if his wife is a foreigner. She isn't a brown-skinned one.

And there is also the fact that their duped minds will not allow them to believe anything negative about their savior, Donald Trump.

FreeThinke: The Left is now loudly proclaiming that President Trump's trips back forth from Washington, DC to New to New York and Mar-a-Lago have so far cost us taxpayers over ELEVEN MILLION dollars [but] I'd rather bed down with a COBRA, or a starving TIGRESS than I would trust ANYTHING disseminated by the ENEMEDIA or ANY Government Agency. The truth is just not IN these people. In fact I doubt they'd be capable of recognizing the truth if it bit them on the cheek. (2/18/2017 at 3:44pm).

The "ememedia" being a portmanteau of enemy and media. Which is the narrative Trump spoonfed them.

It is clear that the belief of the #trumpdupe can NOT be shaken. Their alternate reality bubble can't be punctured. They are the the truest of true believers. Trump told them it was OK to hate the Black president, the criminal illegal immigrants and the foreigners who are stealing their jobs. In return he earned their undying loyalty and devotion.

Cult leaders are usually sociopaths, BTW. As Trump is (SWTD #370). According to criminal psychologist Robert Hare, Donald Trump displays the characteristics of a sociopathic cult leaders.

Cult leaders are considered to be authoritarian personalities who have intense feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and hostility and to compensate for this they form a group of people around them with whom they can use thought reform techniques to dominate them and to use them for financial gain.

Note that the webpage I cite above does not mention Donald Trump. Robert Hare does not identify Trump as a sociopathic cult leader. That's my connecting of the dots. Based on the fact that the characteristics of a sociopathic cult leader (as Hare lays them out) match the characteristics of Donald Trump exactly.

He is a grifter who has taken the taxpayer for 11 million SO FAR. But the theft is "fake news" according to the Tump-supporting cult member (AKA #trumpdupe). Pathetic.

The webpage "Characteristics Of A Sociopath Shown By Cult Leaders" also states that such people are also deceiving and conning, have a grandiose sense of self, display a complete lack of guilt or remorse, and are pathological liars. Among other traits. The only one that doesn't apply would be an agility with words. That's ONE ability he clearly does not possess. Big league.

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