Monday, May 18, 2015

Race-baiting Libertarian Blogger Joins The Filthy Scum Of White Society

Thus we've reached the inevitable conservative endpoint of any race conversation in the United States. Racism, violence, the horror of an entire community - these are mere emotional reactions cynically drummed up by "race hustlers", marshaled against a demonized white society ~ Mobutu Sese Seko as quoted in his 4/5/2012 Gawker article The Dog Whistle Has Sounded: How the Right Talks About 'Thugs' Like Trayvon Martin.

Libertarian blogger Willis Hart (AKA "Will Take No Prisoners Hart" or WTNPH) jumps the shark with his latest race-baiting commentary. Not very long ago, if you had asked me if Willis was a racist, I'd have said no. Although I'd have added that his racial biases were clearly stronger than most. On a scale of 0 to 10; with 1-3 being where most people would register (given that ALL of us hold some racial biases) I'd have said Willis was in the 4-6 range.

But lately virtually all of Mr. Hart's commentaries have contained tinges of racial bias. Mostly these race-baiting commentaries deal with excusing police officers who murder African American men, or condemning BLACK rioters for their criminal destruction of property (which is understandable, given the Libertarian belief that property rights are far more important than the rights of people to to LIVE. Although where he crosses the line is when he makes a POINT of the criminal rioters being African American).

Willis is clearly suffering some cognitive dissonance in regards to all this racist crap he is has been posting, however. I say this is the case due to his mixing in of commentaries in which he attempts to blame Progressives and members of the Labor movement as "racist". Commentaries like "Waging Wages"... in which the dumbass claims that the minimum wage is racist.

Why? Because, and I shit you not, Black labor is worth less than White labor and not allowing business to pay lower wages to Blacks will result in higher Black unemployment. Because White business owners will (when there is a minimum wage) favor the hiring of Whites. Obviously, if they're forced to pay more, they'll go with the workers who are worth the higher wage (White workers).

Yes, this is how the racist Hartster's mind really works! Anyway, as I already said, his trajectory away from the normal amount of biases into more racist territory has been on a radical upswing as of late. Now I'd say he has moved up a few notches from the prior 4-6 range, into a range of 6 or 7. Perhaps even an 8 (9 being a confirmed racist and 10 being a KKK member).

But back to Willis' jumping of the shark, which I believe he assuredly does with this commentary.

Willis Hart: On MSNBC's Pathetic Nightly Minstrel Show... If a white person in black face went on TV and acted like this horse's ass, the outrage would be harsh, unrelenting, and deservedly so. But because this fellow is black there is almost total silence from the left. I mean, I know that the white liberals won't touch it out of political correctness and the black community is no doubt hesitant to throw him under the bus (out of solidarity perhaps) but this guy is such an embarrassment (the fact that he's stupid, a rank opportunist, a hypocrite, etc.) that something really needs to happen here. (5/15/2015 AT 7:32pm).

Clearly Willis knows what a minstrel show is, as he writes "if a white person in black face went on TV". But the Reverend Al Sharpton is NOT a White guy donning blackface, nor is the Reverend any kind of stereotype, so his program can't be called a minstrel show!! Now, I won't deny that the Reverend has some eccentricities (which SNL exaggerates when parodying him on their program), but that hardly makes him stupid or an embarrassment (I've read some speculation that he may be dyslexic, but could find no confirmation of this).

Not that (if it were true that Sharpton conforms to the minstrel stereotype) it would excuse the use of this racist term when referring to his program. It absolutely would not.

In any case, notice that this absurd commentary also carries with it an accusation against MSNBC - that their goal in airing a show starring Sharpton is to "lampoon black people as dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, happy-go-lucky, and musical". Well, not "musical" and perhaps not "lazy", but the other adjectives do describe how the bigoted Willis views Sharpton. And, IMO, Willis is projecting his racism onto MSNBC.

Because WTNPH isn't a racist! He's absolutely correct to note that Sharpton is all the bad adjectives to describe Black people as per the definition of minstrel show. MSNBC has GOT to know this (the Hartster is convinced)! But the truth is MSNBC does NOT know Sharpton is dim-witted, buffoonish or an embarrassment. Because HE IS NOT!

...Sharpton [is] the "go-to" guy for many blacks for reasons that say as much about him as about the ongoing struggle for equity and justice in America. The long parade of Sharpton bashers still delight in ridiculing and pounding him as an ego-driven, media hogging, race baiting agitator and opportunist who will jump on any cause to get some TV time. But the personal hits on him are nothing more than the ritual anti-Sharpton name calling. Turn the attacks on their head, and it becomes apparent why he's popular. He's the subject of the relentless attacks in part because of who many perceive him to be and the influence he has with many blacks, Latinos, the poor and community activists. This is a constituency that no liberal or moderate Democrat, and that certainly includes Obama, can afford to ignore or alienate (Black America doesn’t lack leaders: Poll shows 24 percent say Sharpton speaks for them by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. The Grio, 3/28/2013).

This is why the Left is NOT "silent". No, the Left calls out those on the Right who traffic in the blatant racist slandering of a respected Black leader. Neither "political correctness" nor the "black community being hesitant to throw him under the bus out of solidarity" has anything to do with either of these groups not sharing Willis' racist take on Mr. Sharpton.

Those of us on the Left "[praise] his ability and willingness to defy the power structure that is seen as the cause of their suffering [and consider him] a man who is willing to tell it like it is". And we know that is why the Conservative and Libertarian Right slanders him with racist accusations. "Race hustler" being the primary pejorative WTNPH has utilized in the past.

Referring to a program hosted by an African American using the pejorative minstrel show is a new one. And particularly nasty and racist, given the fact that minstrel shows depicted African American stereotypes. And given how the Left and the many in the Black community REALLY view Mr. Sharpton (as a respected leader). For this reason I say Frederick Douglass' description of blackface performers as "...the filthy scum of white society" absolutely applies to Mr. Hart.

I mean, if he wanted to criticize Mr. Sharpton for his political views that would be one thing, but to call the television program of a Black man a minstrel show is beyond the pale. The racist buffoon Willis Hart should be embarrassed. But as with most stupid racists, he views himself as not being racist. He's just telling it like it is (in his mind).

I'd say that something really needs to happen here, but it won't. The racism on the WTNPH blog will continue, and (if this trend continues) likely get even worse.

Image Description: How Conservatives and Libertarians use the term "race baiting".

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  1. Being a supporter of racial equality I fully agree with your most correct assessment....Will Hart is a closet racist...along with his friends dmarks and RN. These three,much to my distain have continually denigrated people of color and I for one thank you for shining the light of racism on them.

    You Mr.Sanders,as a black man,I'm sure has faced racism face on during your lifetime.

    I for one thank you for bringing this situation to the light of day and commend you for you tireless support for your fellow people of color........bravo to you Dervish Sanders....

  2. You is a Blak man?
    No wonder you loves Watiemon.

    1. No, Rusty isn't a Black man. He hates Black people (or "animals" as he calls them) and wishes the cops would not hesititate to mass murder them if they misbehave by "Load[ing] up with live ammo and chop[ping] about 100 of these animals down".

    2. I was talking about YOU not Rusty

    3. You're both racists. Your "watiemon" comment being proof of your racism.

  3. Well, if you believe that it takes one to know one, Rusty is an authority to believed when it comes to identifying his fellow racists. It gratifies me that Rusty appreciates me shining a light on the racism of Willis Hart. I'm sure he will similarly appreciate another commentary (that I'm currently working on) that will focus the light on Rusty's racism... an exceedingly ugly racism that is significantly more vile.

    For the record, I've never said anything about RN being racist.

  4. I break my pledge to never comment here again due to the above comment.

    Dervish, in spite of many things indeed has never said I am a racist.

  5. Mr.Sanders, you,yourself as a black man I'm sure have a first hand knowledge of racism. I would guess that during your lifetime you've been subjected to racism on numerous occasions. I'm sure you have had to endure hearing the "N" word directed at you many times,both as a youngster and an adult.

    As a man of color in a white world you Dervish Sanders are a light of truth and should be recognized for you efforts to point out the racism you yourself have been subjected to,but also what your people have been forced to endure.

  6. You must be a gluten for punishment

  7. Mr. Schmuckelford, you, yourself as an African American hating man I'm sure have a first hand knowledge of racism. I would guess that during your life have subjected others to your racism on numerous occasions. I'm sure you have forced others to endure hearing the "N" word directed by you at African Americans many times, both as a youngster and an adult.

    As a man of intolerance in an increasingly tolerant world you, Rusty Schmuckelford, are increasingly out of place and should be scorned for you efforts to excuse the racism you yourself have subjected others to, but also for what your people (your fellow Conserative racists) have inflicted upon the rest of us. African Americans especially, but also White people such as myself who are not deeply racist a-holes.

  8. My goodness Sanders....first you claim racism...then you attempt to portray yourself as a white person....if in fact you are white (which I doubt) how can you say you've been subjected to racism. Have your fellow black folks been racist towards you?

    Its pretty damn clear that for you to be such an expert on what is and what isn't racist in America you are most certainly a black person.

    We could put the question to rest if you would just honestly answer this question.....have you ever eaten fried chicken and watermelon....and do you enjoy these tasty treats.

  9. I do not give a damn what color you think I am, Schmuckelford. I never said I have been subjected to racism. Given the fact that I am White, that would be impossible. It would also be impossible for my "fellow black folks" to be racist toward me. Even if I were Black, because Black people can't be racist toward each other.

    1. den how comes day be always killin each outter?

    2. Why are White people always killing each other?

  10. What about the chicken and melon?


  11. a black man can you...

    ...jump down....turn around...pick a bale of cotton.....

  12. Yeah Shakel, deres nuttin wrng wit beein a Watiemelon lver!

    1. In regards to what you write (all the misspellings) - is this some kind of Redneck ebonics?

    2. Sounds like Boogie Ebonics to me

    3. No, I think billc is a racist white guy like yourself.

  13. So,Mr.Sanders it seems we have established that you yourself are lily white and you personally have never been subjected to racism. With those facts being undisputed there seems to be one question you should answer.

    As a white man who has never been subjected to racism what do you feel qualifies you to be an arbiter as to who actually is a racist? What qualification do you feel you possess that allows you to defame myself,Will Hart and dmarks by branding us as racist?

  14. You do not have to be Black to be able to identify racist speech when you hear it or racist words when you read them. And Willis' and Rusty's words are racist. Pretty simple. And you're clearly joking with your "defame" accusation. I thought you acknowledged your racism and were actually proud of it.

    I doubt you'd find many people (Black or White) who would say that calling a Black man a "spook" isn't racist.

    Rusty Shackelford: If one would ever wonder why MSNBC's ratings are lower then whale shit,you need look no further then their resident civil rights spokesman... yes,the so called Rev.Al Sharpton, the man whose I.Q. may be about six points higher then a cement block. That spook must have photo's of an NBC executive fucking a goat. (4/29/2015 AT 12:46am from the blog "Who's Your Daddy").

    According to the Urban Dictionary, the term Spook is "one of the many synonyms for ni**er".

  15. According to the dictionary the word "spook" can describe a person "as an eccentric." Yet individual who has never experienced any racism,has no direct contact with racism can imagine yourself as the chief inquisitor of all things pertaining to racism. You sir,have a higher regard of your perceived talents to decide who or what can be labeled racist then most would give you credit for.

  16. The dictionary does note the "eccentric" definition for "spook", but it also says "When referring to a black person, the term spook dates back to the 1940s. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived as highly insulting".

    This is, I believe, the definition Rusty intended (the disparaging and highly insulting one). It goes hand in hand with his other comment about "chopping down" African American rioters. Rioting, while illegal, is not something for which an on-the-spot death penalty is an approved upon punishment. It's illegal and any cop (or National Guardsman) that murdered 100 or so protesters would be charged and convicted.

    That Rusty would suggest mass murder is proof enough for me of his racism. Along with his use of the word "spook" in reference to a Black man. And Willis' use of the term "minstrel show" to describe the program of a Black man is also proof enough for me to says he's racist.

    Although I'm only stating my opinion based on your (and Willis' words). I don't know you personally. And I never said I imagined myself as "chief inquisitor of all things pertaining to racism". I most certainly am not this, nor do I perceive myself to have any special talent in this regard.

    BTW, are you saying you're not racist? When you went out of your way to comment about racist stereotypes of liking fried chicken and watermelon, I assumed you were (basically) admitting your racist proclivities. Proudly admitting them, even. Now you're acting all offended for some reason.

    I wouldn't be surprise if Rusty was not actually proud of his racism... because he perceives that he has an extraordinary talent of "seeing it and calling it like it is"... and he's yanking my chain with this "offended' act.

  17. Why do you write the sod nigger this way " ni••er" when ever one know what you really mean?
    Are you S0 PC that you can't even use the word "nigger" when even the blacks use it!

    1. I don't use that word because I'm not a racist. If you want to call your racism not being politically correct... I say you're deluding yourself. Black people can use it because they're the victims of racism, not the perpetrators of it.

  18. rAtional nAtion reports, I take note.

    rAtional nAtion: On an off topic side note. Check out SwTD's post today. By Dervish's logic you is a #7 or #8 racist, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a KKK member or mentality. (5/19/2015 AT 7:05am).


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