Thursday, May 08, 2014

On the Deniers' Claim that Climate Change Isn't Warming The Deep Oceans

My objections to the global warming propaganda are not so much over the technical facts, about which I do not know much, but it's rather against the way those people behave and the kind of intolerance to criticism that a lot of them have ~ Freeman Dyson (dob 12/15/1923) Theoretical physicist and mathematician, but not a climate scientist.

They're just making this shit up as they go along. They have to in that the evidence just isn't there for them. How else to describe the "logic" that causes a denier to say the warming is "hiding" when such claims are easily debunked...

Skeptical Science: [This denialist claim] focuses on one small part of the climate system (the atmosphere) while ignoring the largest part (the oceans). ... Dana Nuccitelli [an environmental scientist at a private environmental consulting firm in the Sacramento who has a Bachelor's Degree in astrophysics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master's Degree in physics from the University of California at Davis] considered the warming of the oceans (both shallow and deep), land, atmosphere, and ice, and showed that global warming has not slowed in recent years.

[In fact Nuccitelli and team found] that the OHC [Ocean Heat Content] increase for the 700-2000 meter layer... accounts for approximately 30% of the 0-2000 meter increase in recent decades". (Nuccitelli et al. 2012 Show that Global Warming Continues. Posted to the Skeptical Science website on 10/12/2012 by Dana Nuccitelli, Robert way, Rob Painting and John Cook).

Real science to the deniers is "making shit up as they go along"! Oh, and Skeptical Science is a "virulent anti-science smear site" and people who read it and conclude these are real scientists who know what they're doing are "ignorant, uneducated, stupid [individuals] whose entire psychic well-being is apparently contingent upon not being convinced". Not being convinced that AGW is a hoax, a fraud and a conspiracy, that is.

Yeah, I'd believe that... IF the denier was talking about himself! There are plenty of scientific papers that conclude that the earth's oceans are acting as a heat sink, and damned if that doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. A lot more sense than claiming that climate researchers are "making shit up".

Those Climategate emails got leaked (and that was just one institution), yet a global conspiracy in which an overwhelming majority of climate scientists put forward "faked" research they just MADE UP is still a safely guarded secret?

Obviously laughable allegations such as these are dismissed by rationally thinking persons. After looking into it, of course. If one does that they will find that such conspiracy theories are both easily debunked and usually put forward by non-climate scientists and/or scientists funded by those whose profits would be hurt if we took climate change seriously.

But the AGW deniers seek out the reassuring lies that "debunk" the inconvenient truth. Because it's a truth their psychic well-being can't handle, apparently. Maybe it's time for the deniers to throw in the towel? Although the problem may be that these people are of a much lesser stock and simply not capable of it.

(I mean that last line sarcastically, of course. Labeling those who disagree with you as being of a "lesser stock" is a typical ad hominem insult from the climate change denying Willis Hart, a stuck-up individual who is SO CONVINCED that he's right and YOU'RE WRONG that he can't simply agree to disagree. Disagreeing with him is PROOF that you're stooopid).

SWTD #251, wDel #59.


  1. Dervish,

    A large number of the deniers just don't care about Climate Change. The most vocal ones usually either have a vested interest in denial or get a sadistic thrill in defeating liberals and putting egghead scientists in their place.

  2. G e G
    You sound pretty damn stupid, but then again you always do.

    1. Nope just follow the money, dumbass conservatives are always willing to give their money to the right-wing propagandists who tell them their poop smells nice.


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