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Howard Dean Tells Truth About Republicans & Purveyors of Untruth Slander Him With Old Lies Re So-Called "Dean Scream"

...the obvious conclusion about voter identification laws: They are enacted as a barrier to the franchise, an un-American tactic hatched by conservatives to prevent certain people from voting ~ Excerpt from a PennLive Op-Ed by Cynthia Tucker. This, in her words, is the obvious conclusion about voter identification laws arrived at by federal Judge Richard Posner, one of the nation's most respected conservative jurists (7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals).

"Republicans aren't American, should leave the country" Howard Dean said "while speaking at a fundraiser for Colorado Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff" (paraphrase of Dean comments from 5/13/2014). A comment from Dean that prompted a post from the Libertarian/classical Liberal/self-described "purveyor of truth" Rational Nation. A commentary in which Mr. Nation brings up the infamous "Dean Scream".

The tolerance hyperbole of Howard Dean. He wants republicans to move to Russia. Personally I am hoping for Howard to figure continue to speak out vocally. And loudly. Very loudly. The public just might get to see another Howard tirade like the one that ended his presidential aspirations.

The intolerance of the left for views that differ from their own equals or exceeds the intolerance of the right. Examples of intolerance can be found daily on the left as well as the right. It is nauseating as well as hypocritical. But don't expect either side to acknowledge their own brand of PC and intolerance. (Howard Dean Rant, a 5/21/2014 commentary from the Rational Nation USA blog).

OK, so never mind the fact that this is a lie disproved shortly after the clip began playing ad infinitum on the TV news programs.

Diane Sawyer [reported] ...that Dean was using a special microphone that night that filters out crowd noise to heighten his voice; other videotapes taken illustrate that his "scream" was barely audible to his live audience. (CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream, Truthout 2/9/2014).

Getting fired up and speaking with enthusiasm is NOT a "tirade". Howard did not "speak very loudly", nor can his speech honestly be described as Dean "bellowing like a beast" (another negative description of Dean's speech used by a dishonest detractor).

As for the un-Americaness of Republicans, Dean tells it like it is. He speaks, of course, about Republican efforts to disenfranchise (mostly) Democratic voters. We all know this is taking place. I've written about it previously on this very blog, so there is no need to go into it in great detail (follow the link if you want details).

Further dishonesty is this framing of Democratic objections to Republicans wishing to disenfranchise legally entitled-to-vote individuals as "intolerance". It's "intolerant" of Progressives to not be tolerant of Republican homophobia and it's "intolerant" of Progressives to not be tolerant of Republicans who want to take away your right to vote. Or so say fools like the individual I quote above (in regards to the "intolerance" of wanting everyone to vote, at least. Being a Libertarian this individual doesn't subscribe to homophobia. I'll give him kudos for that, at least).

But do rational/thinking people believe this nonsensical definition-defying logic? The term "intolerance" doesn't apply to people objecting to your intolerance, Conservatives! And actively seeking to make it harder for people to vote in order to make it easier for Republicans to win isn't "intolerance" either, Conservatives and Libertarians!

Howard Dean doesn't want Republicans to move to Russia; he wants everyone who is legally-entitled to vote to be able to vote. Republicans do not. That is the truth here, and anyone spinning otherwise (lying about him wanting Repubs to move to Russia or going on a "tirade". Or lying about practically non-existent voter fraud being a "cancer") is doing so because they agree with the Republican goal of winning elections through dishonest means. In my opinion.

Sure it may have been hyperbolic for Dean to talk about Repubs moving to Russia, but it sure as hell is NOT "intolerance" (and hyperbole can sometimes be a useful tool, IMO). And *I* find it nauseating that some fool who thinks he's better than the majority of the country (who vote either D or R) would insist that "intolerance" should include objecting to the disenfranchising of voters that the Repubs desire.

But untruths like this are to be expected from a liar who loves to play the "both sides are equally quilty" card (that's "guilty" misspelled with a "q", because that's just how this deluded individual rolls).

Audio Description: The truth about the "Dean scream"... not what it seemed. (1:49)

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