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Evidence Strongly Points to Willis Hart Being "Total Moron"

It's all about slavery. But I think Americans, unfortunately, don't know our own history, first of all. And, at some point, of course, after the war, the nation sort of came together and decided that it was going to forget what the real cause was, because it was too painful to remember that slavery was what divided the nation ~ Edna Greene Medford, a professor of history at Howard University who specializes in 19th-century African-American history. Quote from a 4/12/2011 installment of the PBS News Hour titled, "Civil War's Causes: Historians Largely United on Slavery, But Public Divided".

In regards to my disagreement with the blogger Willis Hart on the issue of slavery being the root cause of the Civil War (see previous commentary), the history-revising enthusiast had this to say about yours truly...

Willis Hart: He's a total moron... Anybody who's taken as little as an introductory history course knows that slavery wasn't the predominant reason for Lincoln's actions or even the South's ... slavery wasn't even remotely in trouble and so it had to have been economic and nationalistic reasons for those states to secede... But, yes, he has to have narrative and anybody who challenges it he has to label as evil. The man is utterly grade-school... (3/22/2014 AT 2:44pm).

This was after the idiot authored a post titled "on holding on to slights, perceived inequities, etc". He says he's against acting in such a manner, but is that NOT what he just did with this selective criticism of me? I mean, my commentary on the subject has numerous others agreeing with me, and Willis got the same disagreements from at least two other Liberals on his OWN BLOG! (see here and here for examples).

Yet I'm the only one who gets labeled a "total moron" and "utterly grade-school" despite plenty of other disagreement with the Hartster's history rewriting. Not to mention that the dude is totally full of shit in regards to his sureness concerning what people who have taken an introductory history class learn about the Civil War. It just so happens that history was one of my better subjects in school. Not to brag, but I aced my history tests.

For the record, one can find many commentaries on the interwebs in which tariffs and States' Rights being given as causes of the Civil War are correctly labeled as MYTHS, but I, unlike Willis, acknowledge that both theories are out there. Mr. Hart flat out lies about slavery being the root cause not being in introductory history books and his take being the widely accepted one - which it most certainly IS NOT.

I acknowledge there is some dispute, at least... even if I judge those stirring up the dispute to have an agenda of obscuring what really happened for either racist and/or political reasons. But Hart dissembles and says there is no dispute at all, even though all thinking people know this is complete nonsense. Yeah, he knows he can get away with this on his own blog (and the blog of rAtional nAtion), but I suspect many people would laugh at his ridiculous BS about things introductory history books say when they DO NOT say them!

Or, at least 38 percent of the public would agree that the Civil War was "mainly about slavery" (plus 9 percent who said it was both about slavery and states' rights) according to a PEW research poll. However, in regards to what historians believe, a 3/16/2013 article titled "the South still lies about the Civil War" reveals that they are largely united on slavery being at the root of why the Civil War was fought. That would be the historians who WRITE HISTORY BOOKS! Those historians mostly agree the Civil War was fought over slavery and NOT tariffs and NOT States' Rights!

"No respected historian has argued for decades that the Civil War was fought over tariffs... or that only constitutional concerns drove secessionists" (i.e. States' Rights) according to American historian Edward Ayers - a professor & the 9th president of the University of Richmond - as well as an author of four, and editor of seven books on the history of 19th-century America.

The real causes were swept under the rug, says Yale historian and director of the Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition, David Blight, who "describes a national fervor for reconciliation that began in the 1880s and lasted through the end of World War I, fueled in large part by the South's desire to attract industry, Northern investors' desire to make money, and the desire of White people everywhere to push the Negro question aside".

I don't know about you, but if one person seeks out the opinions of the experts, and then finds that the written words of the seceding states reasons for leaving agree with what the experts are saying - and from that concludes that the experts must be right - I surely would not call that person a "total moron".

If, on the other hand, there was an individual who insisted that the history books agreed with his point of view - despite historians (the people who write those books) largely being on the same page in disagreement with him... I might just conclude that this 2nd person was a "total moron".

I might just conclude it with certainty, in fact. Also, I never said a damn thing about "evil", but this sounds like exactly the kind of grade-school insult a total moron would accuse someone of. If the facts disprove the argument they're making - the desperate (and stupid) usually resort to ad hominem.

SWTD #243, wDel #54.


  1. If the facts disprove the argument they're making - the desperate (and stupid) usually resort to ad hominem.

    Indeed. Here is another example of just such an ad hominem attack by fellow total moron, Lester Nation (AKA RN)...

    Lester: Derve, you are simply out of your league. The bush league that is. Leave the serious discussions to the grown ups. (3/22/2014 at 05:59pm EDT).

    Quote of a comment by Lester from his ironically titled blog, "Rational Nation".

  2. RN, via Will's blog: Slavery was a despicable institution and our nation will forever have a stain on its character because of it.

    Agreed. Also a stain on the character of our nation? People who buy into and promulgate the lie that the Civil War wasn't fought because of slavery. But arguing with these character stainers is like shouting into a strong wind when those whose attention you are trying to get are 500 feet away... and their heads are up their butts.

    1. Really Derve. Carry on. Someday, perhaps when you become an adult you'll get it. However, I'm not going to hold my breath, nor do I give a rats ass if you ever do.

      Hint: The nation was founded by slave holders. As much as one can respect Jefferson, Washington, and othes, in this instance hypocricy was glaring.

  3. Talk about Morons... Remember Melowese Richardson? She was a poll worker who used her position to vote for Obama multiple times. She is one of the few who ever gets caught for voter fraud and was sentenced to five years in prison.
    That was only eight months ago. For some reason, she has already been released. At an event that was all about voting law, Ohio Democrats invited a person guilty of multiple counts of voter fraud to speak – to "welcome her back" and applaud her. They invited her up to the stage, like some sort of hero.
    Democrats seem to oppose any changes in the law that make it harder to cheat. Their embrace of Melowese Richardson shows where their intentions actually lie.

    And what does that prove? It proves that Democrats are Hypocritical Liars, cheats, and MORONS!.

  4. You have proven yourself to be a moron so many times it's not even questionable.

  5. In regards to Radical's off topic comment about voter fraud, a 10/7/2011 Washington Post article points out that "prosecutable cases of voter fraud are rare. ...a 2005 statewide study in Ohio found four instances of ineligible persons voting or attempting to vote in 2002 and 2004, out of 9 million votes cast. An investigation of fraud allegations in Wisconsin in 2004 led to the prosecution of 0.0007 percent of voters. From 2002 to 2005, the Justice Department found, only five people were convicted for voting multiple times. In that same period, federal prosecutors convicted only 86 people for improper voting".

    That Radical found one "total moron" PROVES how rare voter fraud is. And Radical is wrong when he says that this "proves that Democrats are Hypocritical Liars [and] cheats". According to a article "both parties jeer embrace of fraudulent voter".

    From the article...

    "I am very glad the county prosecutor and judge reconsidered and got her out of jail, but she is not a hero", Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke, who was at the rally, told the Enquirer. "What she did was criminal conduct and was particularly problematic because of her role as a poll worker".

    Democrats OPPOSE voter fraud... while pointing out how rare it is. Republicans exaggerate voter fraud so they can pass restrictive ID laws that will (and they KNOW this) disenfranchise people who are legally entitled to vote.

    Talk about total morons... Remember Don Yelton? A Republican activist who referred to "lazy blacks" in an interview with The Daily Show Asked by reporter Aasif Mandvi about the impact of the voter ID law introduced in North Carolina, Yelton responded: "If it hurts the whites so be it. If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it".

    From a 10/25/2013 Guardian article...

    The Reverend Dr William J Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP State Conference, said in a statement: “I was disgusted, but not surprised, by Don Yelton’s arrogant remarks about North Carolina's voter suppression law. This Republican executive committee member laid bare everything that we know politicians are trying to do through this legislation – which is to manipulate our voting laws, making it harder for certain communities to participate, in order to unfairly win elections. This shameful law is not about stopping voter fraud: it’s about stopping voting".

    Republican voter suppression laws are NOT about stopping voter fraud! These laws are about stopping certain people from voting! So, what does this prove? It proves that Republicans are liars and cheats! Cheating via voter suppression is, in fact, one of their primary tactics in "winning" elections. We saw it during the last presidential election in Florida when Repubs made Democratic voters stand in line for hours on end... hoping they'd give up and go home without voting. There is one Party that is NOTORIOUS for their widespread tactic of cheating, and it is the REPUBLICANS!

  6. Comment from Lying Lester (AKA "Rational" Nation) via Will Hart's blog...

    Lying Lester lied: Hey Will. ole Derve is really spinning like a top over at Delusional Whirlwind, aka Sleeping with The Devil. If the dude keeps it up he'll end up in Kansas. But hey, he's doing much to give those he despises more recognition than perhaps they ever could on their own.

    Perhaps he should be thanked? Rational and reasonable individuals, like Joe Kelly of Truth 101 (a liberal progressive) know Mr. Sanders is a "shithead", in fact it was Joe who gave ole Derve that distinction. Carry on Will, I think you've really rattled Derve's chains. (3/23/2014 at 5:36am)

    Lying Lester is a shithead. Will has free reign to insult me but I'm NOT ALLOWED to push back against his lies or I'm "spinning like a top"? No, Lying Lester, it is you and Will who are spinning... and in regards to something as deplorable as arguing that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. Lying Lester himself referred to slavery as a "national stain", yet he embraces this lie! Lying Lester should be ashamed, as he is participating in a campaign of dissembling that is darkening the stain.

    BTW, Will has written plenty of posts that gave ME recognition. Did Will write his posts about me because HIS chains were rattled? Also, Joe Hagstrom shut down his blog after insulting me. He decided to go out on a low note, apparently. And Joe's entire tirade against me was based on his wrongly thinking I started the "nuts" thing, when he was the one who started it. Given that Joe was wrong, you bringing this up YET AGAIN doesn't prove a damn thing. Except, maybe that Joe isn't joking when he says he's now a Republican... as Republicans are often wrong.

  7. You're pathetic as well as a lieing asshat that spins like a top. Joe was absolutely right, you area real shithead.


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