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The Truth About Dennis Marks

"Pathological liar" is absolutely the toughest individual to deal with as a psychiatrist. Because you can't take anything they say at face value. And you can't, you know, fill in their personality. You don't know what's real and what's not ~ Dale Archer, a medical doctor, psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

The truth about the blogger Dennis Marks (AKA dmarks) is that he is a cowardly delusional virulent liar. As well as pathological. Concerning pathological liars, Wikipedia says "the individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies". This, I believe, very much describes the Dennis Marks. Much of the time I think he actually believes his lies. Other times I think he's got to know he's lying. But it can be hard to tell.

The reason for this commentary on the lying of Dennis is to push back against a number of particularly virulent and vile lies that Mr. Marks has told about the proprietor of this blog. Said lies as laid out below. Take a look at these comments from Dennis (with links to prove he actually said these things) and then tell me if an individual who slings such sick and virulent lies is someone who should be trusted to tell the "truth" about anyone or anything.

Five of Dennis Marks' Vile Lies

1. dmarks: defend antisemitism. (6/10/2012 at 6:11pm).

2. dmarks: [MSNBC host Ed Schultz was charged with] domestic violence? In light of how WD defends and supports Scott Ritter's sex crimes against children, no wonder he defends Schultz so much. (6/22/2012 at 1:23am).

3. dmarks: By lying about it, denying, and downplaying, WD is nothing more than an apologist and supporter of domestic violence. (6/22/2012 at 5:42pm).

4. dmarks: you [Dervish] strongly favor abortionists being given the power of judge, jury, and executioner... by killing children after they are born out of nothing more than a sick thrill of bloodlust. (6/23/2012 at 6:58am).

And when another blogger who calls himself Rusty Shackelford said "based on WD's adamant acceptence of deviant behavior one would only deduce he himself may actively engage in somewhat like behavior", Dennis replied with the following comment...

5. dmarks: Thanks for proving, Rusty, that to WD, it doesn't matter if someone rapes children, beats his wife, or wants to see the Israelis (specifically Jewish ones) wiped out... it's all fine if the person has a "D" after his name. (6/23/2012 at 4:23pm).

My Response To These Five Vile Lies From Dennis Marks

So, I'm a supporter of anti-Semitism, domestic abuse, child rape, and "killing children after they are born out of nothing more than a sick thrill of bloodlust" according to Dennis. If true I'd have to be one sick, perverted and hateful person, but these are all clearly lies. Even if all these vile accusations were true, do you really think such a person would come right out and say they held all these positions?

Of course not! So we know right off the bat that Dennis is lying. But if you want explanations regarding how the sick mind of Dennis reached these conclusions about me, read on...

1. Anti-Semitism: Dennis said "you defend antisemitism" because I cited Francis Boyle as an individual that believes George W bush is guilty of war crimes. As it also turns out, the Jewish Boyle is also "a harsh critic of Israel, Zionism, and American foreign policy towards Israel".

What Dennis is arguing is that anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are the same thing, which I do not necessarily believe to be true. Certainly not in the case of Dr. Boyle, who is Jewish himself.

The fact is I disagree with the Jewish Dr. Boyle in regards to views on Israel; I just don't believe that makes him anti-Semitic. Disagree with his anti-Zionism if you will Dennis (and we'd be in agreement on that), but Dennis crosses a line when he accuses Boyle of wanting to "wipe out" his fellow Jews - as well as claiming that Boyle and Norman Finkelstein (another Jewish man who is critical of Israel) "...are antisemitic because they criticize Israelis for not hurrying up and being ashes scaped out of industrial ovens".

That Dennis would say something so loathsome about two Jewish men (one with parents who were holocaust survivors) is itself anti-Semiti, in my strong opinion.

(Note: see SWTD #234 for my expanded commentary on the subject of Dennis' problem with anti-Semitism).

2-3. Domestic Violence: Rusty Shackelford claimed that "he [Dervish] knows that Ed Schultz was indeed charged with domestic battery by his former wife, but tries to sweep the facts under the rug", but I don't "know" this at all. I asked that Rusty or Dennis provide a link to a reputable mainstream news organization that has reported that Ed Schult's ex-wife filed a restraining order against her former husband and gave the reason for it as domestic violence. When neither Rusty or Dennis were able to, they simply declared my refusal to condemn Mr. Schultz without any proof of me being "an apologist and supporter of domestic violence".

But check this thread and you will see that I said "I've neither defended nor condemned him", I only asked for proof which neither of these slimes were able to provide. I asked for proof multiple times but never got any. I tried to Google for the answer myself, but only found accusations (as described by Dennis and Rusty) on Rightwing blogs and messageboards, which does not amount to "proof".

(Note: see SWTD #307 for my expanded commentary on the subject of Dennis Marks' and Rusty Shackelford's evidence-free charge of Ed Schultz being guilty of domestic violence).

4. Abortion bloodlust: This stems from a conversation in which I defended ex Senator Russ Feingold against accusations from Dennis concerning Feingold "wanting born American citizens to be killed without any due process and fair trial". Dennis says I support this "bloodlust" because I agreed with Feingold, when Senator Santorum brought up absurd scenarios involving a fetus in the process of being aborted "slipping out" and being "completely delivered", Mr. Feingold said "I am not the person to be answering that question. That is a question that should be answered by a doctor".

But, because I agreed with Senator Feingold that this question should be left to those who are qualified to answer it (doctors), Dennis says I'm for "killing children after they are born out of nothing more than a sick thrill of bloodlust". Bloodlust has nothing to do with it, you sicko. I'm for preventing suffering and if you stop an abortion in process that is what you may very well end up with (a baby that suffers for awhile before dying). What the idiot Santorum describes is a birth, and NO, I do not believe a doctor should be allowed to kill a child that is born. Kermit Gosnell did that, and the murdering bastard was rightfully convicted and sent to prison.

In any case, in regards to actual births, Feingold said (in the same discussion with Santorum cited above) "Once a child has been born, there is no conceivable argument that would suggest a woman's life or health would any longer be at risk or an issue" (TADM #48).

5-A. Child Rape: The "someone rapes children" line is due to me bringing up the name Scott Ritter during a discussion of Iraq's WMD program. Scott Ritter is a former IAEA inspector who, prior to bush's invasion of Iraq, said Saddam had no WMD.

The reason for dmarks' accusations? Scott Ritter was caught in "police stings in which officers posed as under-aged girls to arrange meetings of a sexual nature" (two separate incidents). These incidents, however, occurred many years after Scott Ritter left the IAEA. The charges Mr. Ritter was convicted of have absolutely nothing to do with the WMD Scott Ritter did not find in Iraq.

The truth is that other members of the IAEA, including David Kay, Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, all said Iraq was disarmed. Former IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei called the bush administration's claim that Iraq had WMD a "deliberate deception".

In any case, even after I told Dennis (numerous times) that I condemn Ritter for what he did after leaving the IAEA (a job in which he told the truth, as evidenced by the fact that the entire agency agreed with him), Dennis still insists I "defend" child rape... and he calls it "rape" even though Ritter was arrested before anything actually happened (he didn't rape any kids). But my pointing that out is, according to Dennis, part of my "defending" it. Clearly this is a vile "attack the messenger" ad hominem from Mr. Marks.

(Note: see SWTD #312 for more information regarding individuals at the IAEA who determined that Iraq did not need to be "disarmed" because they had no WMD).

5-B. Person has a "D" after their name means it is fine with me: This Dennis deduces because I wouldn't condemn Ed Schultz of domestic violence with no proof. And the same applies to Scott Ritter, despite the fact that I did condemn him for what he did after leaving the IAEA, and even though Ritter is "a self-professed conservative Republican who admitted... he voted for Bush three years ago [in 2000]". Dennis imagined a "D" behind his name because anyone who went to Iraq and found no WMD must be a liar (and a Democrat).

In conclusion, and in regards to the my accusations of Dennis being a "virulent liar" - this has, I believe, been proven. So, should you believe Dennis when he purports to be revealing the truth? I recommend no. Actually, I think Dennis' past statements (lies) speak for themselves, and THEY say "don't believe Dennis, he lies".

(See "The Truth About Dennis Marks", a blog I started on 2/21/2014 to tell the actual truth about the dishonest Mr. Marks... as opposed to his made up "truth" about me.)

SWTD #232, dDel #15.


  1. IAEA inspectors who agree with Scott Ritter about Iraq having been disarmed...

    David Kay: "I think there were stockpiles at the end of the first Gulf War and a combination of U.N. inspectors and unilateral Iraqi action got rid of them".

    Hans Blix: "There were about 700 inspections, and in no case did we find weapons of mass destruction". Blix also said that if "the inspections been allowed to continue... there would likely be a very different situation in Iraq today. As it was, America's pre-emptive, unilateral actions 'have bred more terrorism there and elsewhere'". According to Blix Iraq was cooperating with the inspections.

    Mohamed ElBaradei (regarding bush's claim that Iraq had WMD): "deliberate deception [isn't] limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators" (from his book "Age of Deception").

    In fact, it was the determination of the IAEA as a whole that Iraq had disarmed. They issued a report on 3/2/2004 that stated, "...there were no weapons of mass destruction of any significance in Iraq after 1994".

  2. Addition to the "virulent lie" category... Dennis insists that Joseph Stalin is one of my "heroes". See here for the details.


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