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Dennis' Problem With Anti-Semitism

The sad truth about bigotry is that most bigots either don't realize that they are bigots, or they convince themselves that their bigotry is perfectly justified ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman (dob 5/16/1964) a British independent filmmaker, writer, photographer, composer and producer of electronic music who was born in San Fernando, Trinidad.

Chalk up another in the virulent lie category, here we have another comment from the Contra O'Reilly blog. A blog, it should be noted, where the proprietor, Willis Hart appreciates the lies of Dennis Marks (AKA dmarks). What does that say about Mr. Hart?

The comment in question...

Dennis Marks: We know [Dervish] is an extremist with a strong tilt toward totalitarianism and away from human rights, along with a lot of other nasty things (his racism and antisemitism, hatred of democracy when the people choose something he doesn't like... (2/23/2014 AT 3:57pm).

Actually, Dennis, we know you have a strong tilt toward fascism, with your worship of the plutocrats and desire to see them buy our elections by allowing those with the most money to buy the most "free speech". And we also know that Dennis speaks against racism combating policies like Affirmative Action and spends a lot of time accusing Black people of racism. We also know that he spends a lot of time accusing Jewish people of anti-Semitism.

Dennis said "you defend antisemitism" because I cited Francis Boyle as an individual that believes George W bush is guilty of war crimes. As it also turns out, the Jewish Boyle is also "a harsh critic of Israel, Zionism, and American foreign policy towards Israel". What Dennis is arguing is that anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are the same thing, which I do not necessarily believe to be true. Certainly not in the case of Dr. Boyle, who is Jewish himself.

But this is just ad hominem from Dennis, given the fact that I don't agree with Boyle's Anti-Zionism (although I do believe there are legitimate criticisms to be made of Israel and American foreign policy toward Israel). But I do believe Israel has a legitimate right to exist. And, even though I pointed this out, it makes no difference to Dennis. Even when I say I agree with Bolye (a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law) on George bush having committed war crimes, but NOT with Boyle on the subject of Anti-Zionism, Dennis STILL slimes me as "defending" anti-Semitism.

Now (with this most recent comment) I've gone from "defending it" to outright endorsing it. This is a virulent lie - both that a Jewish man is an anti-Semite for having anti-Zionist views, and that I "defend" these views (or share them) because I say I disagree with them (but agree about GWb and war crimes).

I've never defended anti-Semitism or endorsed it. And Francis Boyle is not "on record stating his fond wish for the ethnic cleansing of Israelis". This detestable slur is wholly an invention of the despicable lying Dennis. Jewish people, I should note, are the only people I've ever seen Dennis accuse of anti-Semitism. The Jewish Francis Boyle and the Jewish Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors.

What I find particularly stomach-churning and vile about Dennis' continual slandering of the Jewish Boyle and the Jewish Finkelstein, slanderous comments such as the following...

Dennis Marks: Forget his genocidal hatred of Jewish Israelis. This man is one of those Holocaust-deniers. The kind of person WD defends, probably with the usual "calling people who dare criticize Israelis antisemitic" canard..... Yeah, these people are antisemitic because they criticize Israelis for not hurrying up and being ashes scraped out of industrial ovens (12/8/2012 AT 7:25pm). see note below regarding this comment.

Right. Finkelstein's "denying" must include believing that both his parents were liars, right Dennis? Wikipedia notes that, according to an upcoming memoir, "Finkelstein recalls his strong youthful identification with the outrage that his mother, witness to the genocidal atrocities of World War II, felt at the carnage wrought by the United States in Vietnam". But that identification must have come before he decided his mom lied about growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto and being sent to a slave labor camp.

And, I should also note that Norman Finkelstein supports the two state solution, so he, unlike Boyle, is not an anti-Zionist. He did, however, author a book titled The Holocaust Industry, "in which he argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further the interests of Israel" (description pulled from Wikipedia).

And, in regards to this book - for writing it, the Anti-Defamation League labeled Finkelstein a "Holocaust denier". But I find this charge utterly ridiculous given the subtitle of the book, "Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering". The suffering he refers to is the Holocaust - a Holocaust both his parents experienced first hand!

As for the "exploiting", the purpose of this commentary is not to defend or rebut any of the claims Finkelstein makes, nor to declare that he is 100 percent right or wrong... although there is SOMETHING to his claims, I believe. But I have not read any of his books. I am ONLY to defending Finkelstein against charges of "Holocaust denial". I mean, how can he deny the Holocaust while claiming that the memory of it is being exploited? Obviously this charge - made by the Anti-Defamation League and repeated by Dennis (in the quote above) - makes no sense, given the FACT that it would be impossible to "exploit" something that did not happen.

While I believe there are legitimate criticisms to be made of these two individuals and their opinions about Israel, Dennis crosses a line by accusing a Jewish man of wanting to "Wipe out Jewistan!" (this is a fake quote Dennis attributes to Boyle), or reduce them to ashes via a new Holocaust. Comments such as these are themselves anti-Semitic, in my strong opinion.

For the record, I have NEVER defended Holocaust deniers, nor will I. Holocaust denial is an inexcusable and deplorable offense, and Dennis is a lying sack of shit for accusing me of "defending" it.

But Dennis' belief that Jewish people who accuse bush of war crimes does not stop with Jews who also happen to critics of Israel. Marjorie Cohn, a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former president of the National Lawyers Guild, and the US representative to the executive committee of the American Association of Jurists, also argues that bush is a war criminal. Cohn is a Jewish woman who lacks the reputation of Boyle and Finkelstein of being strong critics of Israel.

Despite the lack of anything factual Dennis could use to bash Cohn with, Dennis still thinks she MIGHT be anti-Semitic. When I brought up Mrs. Cohn's name in a discussion, Dennis replied "there are indeed many self-hating Jews. That you are surprised shows how little you know". So, in other words, he thinks it's possible that Marjorie is an anti-Semitic Jew, based on absolutely nothing other than her belief that members of the bush administration are guilty of war crimes!

What this points to, in my opinion, is the anti-Semitism of Dennis - although he is the type of bigot who doesn't realize he's a bigot. What other kind of odious scumbag would accuse Jewish people of anti-Semitism just because they suggest bush is guilty of war crimes - and go so far (at least in the case of Norman Finkelstein) as to state that they want their fellow Jews to "hurry up and be ashes scraped out of industrial ovens"? A scumbag anti-Semite that goes by the alias of dmarks would say such abominable things, that's who.

Update 8/18/2014: Dennis deleted his vile anti-Semitic "scaped" comment (for the amusement factor) and the Google cached page has been updated (and also shows the comment as removed). Make no mistake, however. Dennis said it, and it ABSOLUTELY is anti-Semitic (claiming that a Jewish man wants his fellow Jews exterminated). See image below for a screenshot that I grabbed before the deletion.

Also, for the record, in the original comment Dennis spells the word "scraped" as "scaped" (without the "r"). A typo, no doubt, but I mention it because I correct it above... which might be cause for someone to claim I'm misquoting or "fabricating". Although I think Dennis is inclined to stand by the comment. Update 6/8/2015: Turns out I was wrong. Dennis now says the screenshot is fake.

SWTD #234, dDel #17. See also TADM #6.


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