Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dennis Butt-Kisses In Gratitude For rAtional Hypocrisy

Someone who does anything to get their boss/co-worker/a$$hole friends to like them. Also someone who should be punched in the jaw ~ definition of Butt Kisser, courtesy of the Urban Dictionary, which is "a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases" (entry #1).

I have a long history of arguing with crazy, pathological liar Dennis Marks (AKA dmarks), and, as a result, Dennis drops lies about me into any conversation he can (even when I am not present), the latest example as follows...

Dennis Marks: [In regards to] unnecessary regs, RN, add those put in place... [by] big business [who] does mere lip service complaining about it, because these regulations destroy mom-and-pop operators (which some have called "plutocrats" anyway and want wiped out) and strengthen the fat-cats. (2/9/2014 AT 3:50pm via the rAtional nAtion blog).

There actually is some truth contained within this comment by Dennis. Big business does often lobby for regulations they believe will harm their smaller competitors, but the lie here is that (1) Liberals love regulations, regardless of whether the are needed or not (because they empower bureaucrats and allow them to help cronies over their competitors) and (2) Conservatives support smart regulations. They do not. They put forward this reasonable sounding argument as a way of chipping away at ALL regulations.

Corporations (in lobbying for regulations that harm smaller competitors) are simply playing both sides (as they always do). If there must be regulations, then they're going to find a way to make them work in their favor. This DOES not mean corporations like regulations (they still hate the ones that protect consumers from their malfeasance), and Dennis, in arguing against "unnecessary" regulations, actually argues against ALL regulations.

Lies About Who I've Referred to as Plutocrats

But those lies aren't the lies of Dennis I was referring to. The lie about me that Dennis dropped into his anti "unnecessary" regulation argument is that "some" call "mom-and-pop" operators (small businesses) plutocrats and "want them wiped out". This is a call-back to a prior discussion wherein Dennis lied and insisted I called small business operators "plutocrats"...

Dennis Marks: ...anyone who believes that the way to stop plutocrats (identified by Dervish Sanders as small businesses, school boards, doctors) is with a strong state is an extremely gullible "bootlicker": the exact type of person who is first in line saying "Yes SIR!" when stuff really went bad in Mao's China... 1990s Serbia... Lenin's Russia, or mid 20th century Germany. (1/26/2014 AT 5:36pm via the rAtional nAtion blog).

This is just one example of Dennis promulgating this absurd lie. Here is another...

Dennis Marks: ...don't take Mr. Sanders' references to "plutocrats" too seriously. He has painted the term with very broad strokes, having in the past accused small business owners, doctors who are good at what they do, and school boards all of being plutocrats. (1/24/2014 AT 11:54am via the rAtional nAtion blog).

And here is another one from a little further back in time...

Dennis Marks: Remember, this is the same WD who called school boards that want to fire bad teachers and small business owners who want to pay a fair wage all 'plutocrats'. Then he said they were all engaged in some sort of genocide and called them Nazis. (8/15/2012 AT 3:31am via the Contra O'Reilly blog).

I'm not sure, but I think the lie from Dennis about who I've referred to as plutocrats began during a discussion from August of 2012 that concerned tenure. I said "getting rid of tenure is part of the plutocrats' plan to destroy all good paying middle and upper middle class jobs. That way there is more money for them. It's all about greed" - and from that Dennis deduced that I was calling "school principals and school boards plutocrats".

Then Dennis said "we were discussing people who hire, fire, and pay teachers. You slammed these people as plutocrats". This is where Dennis made his mistake. He may have been talking about these people, but I wasn't (not with that comment). Attempting to set Dennis straight, I clarified that "we were discussing people who oppose tenure. I referred to a certain group of people who oppose it and gave their reason".

But did Dennis accept this clarification? No, he continues to lie about - and make a joke out of - who I refer to whenever I use the term "plutocrat". And, despite the absurdity of this lie, it not only persists, but continues to grow - with more and more people being in included in the "plutocrat" category by me in the delusional mind of Dennis - even after I posted the following to the rAtional nAtion blog...

Dervish Sanders: I never said [Mom-and-pop store operators are plutocrats]. But, for the sake of argument, let's say I did. I am now changing my mind. I categorically reject the idea that the operators of mom-and-pop stores are plutocrats. Will Dennis stop saying this now? (note: I'm asking a question, not requesting he do this). I predict no. (8/16/2013 AT 8:50pm via the rAtional nAtion blog).

As you can see my prediction was 100 percent accurate. I said I categorically rejected calling small business owners (or "mom-and-pop" owners) "plutocrats" - and Dennis responded by saying "I am glad WD changed his mind" (even though I couldn't "change my mind", as I never believed that to begin with). But still Dennis repeats this lie again and again. Even though he acknowledged I "changed my mind".

Also, I never called teachers being denied tenure "some sort of genocide" nor did I call anyone a Nazis. This addition to the lie is nothing but pure imagining by Dennis.

Lies About Others

But I am not the only person Dennis likes to tell absurd lies about. Anyone who talks back to Dennis, or (God forbid) agrees with me, might find themselves the target of mendacious fabrications from the blogger who loves to beat dead horses. Following are two such examples, the first one concerns blogger John Myste...

Dennis Marks: [Reagan is] proof that African-Americans just need an environment of economic opportunity, and don't need affirmative-action quota policies that treat them as if they are inferior beings (damaged, in the words of that Myste guy) that can't compete on a level playing field. (2/1/2014 AT 7:30pm via the Contra O'Reilly blog).

John Myste is someone who used to comment on the "Contra O'Reilly" blog, but left over a dispute with Dennis on 11/5/20012 - and I have not seen any comment from him anywhere since (not even on his own blog). Obviously Dennis holds onto grudges - and keeps bitching about years-old arguments - even when the person in question isn't around any longer.

And, just as I never said what Dennis continually insists I said about who is a plutocrat, John Myste never said Black people are "damaged" or inferior. In regards to that false quote Dennis keeps trying to stuff into Mr. Myste's mouth, he said...

John Myste: [Contra O'Reilly] has been dominated by the repeated assertions of a completely irrational man, who insists on making up straw men and refuting them. ... I would prefer debating my opinion against someone else's on philosophical grounds to debating what my opinion is. I don't enjoy posting something and then have 50 comment long treads trying, not to defend what I believe, but having people tell me I am saying something I clearly am not saying and having this discussion (someone inventing claims and calling them my opinion) be the discussion. That is pointless, childish and boring. (11/5/2012 AT 8:35am via the Contra O'Reilly blog).

Indeed, this is exactly what Dennis does. And he never lets the argument drop, even when the person says "farwell" and never returns, or even when the person in question has never commented on the blog Dennis is complaining about him on.

Such is the case with Malcolm Bondon of the blog Progressive Soup (my second example of someone Dennis keeps lying about). This time Dennis' anger stems from a June 2013 discussion about Fox Nooz complaints concerning the White House inviting the rapper Common to perform there. I agreed with Malcolm's criticisms of Fox Nooz and Dennis disagreed with them.

Approximately 6 months later and Dennis is still fuming that his efforts to slime me on another blog failed (Dennis lied about me using profanity on his blog and called me a troll... in addition to other lies (SWTD #124). And, not only were his lies about me not believed, but the proprietor of the blog actually had the audacity to agree with me that no WMD was found in Iraq (SWTD #154), MSNBC personality Toure never (SWTD #131) "bashed Herman Cain for being Black", and that the rapper Common didn't lie about no WMD being found in Iraq or "bash" Black people - by using the N-word in his raps (TADM #59).

And, although Malcolm of Progressive Soup has never commented on the blog Contra O'Reilly, and the proprietor of Contra O'Reilly has never (to my knowledge) commented on Progressive Soup - that did not stop Dennis from whining about Malcolm with this recent comment...

Dennis Marks: Fox News is in a position of being a voice of dissent against the most powerful ruler on the planet. In this they deserve support. Damn those like that Progressive Soup guy who want Fox silenced. That's bootlicking. (2/4/2014 AT 2:40am via the Contra O'Reilly blog).

That "Progressive Soup guy" never said he wanted "Fox silenced" in his commentary about the Fox News/Common story. Someone exercising their free speech rights to voice their disagreement with a Fox Nooz story does not amount to wanting the organization "silenced". Not once does Malcolm suggest any such thing. In regards to "silencing", Dennis is blatantly lying, but, as I've already pointed out, this is something the dishonest Dennis does with great regularity... about me, and about others.

Butt kissing in Response to Hypocrisy Regarding Lies

Two blogs where the constant lying of Dennis is permitted (and even encouraged) are those of Willis Hart and Lester Nation. The blog of Willis Hart, because the guy hates my guts (referring to me in his latest post as a "vapid, insular, virulent, shameless, paranoid, and amoral partisan stooge"), and the blog of Lester Nation, because his opinion of me is not that dissimilar from that of Mr. Hart.

The butt kissing referred to takes the form of Dennis immediately adopting (and referring to me) using the latest nickname Lester has come up with... the current one being "Derv The Swerve". Before that I was "Canardo". Every time Lester comes up with a new nickname, Dennis latches onto it and starts using it immediately.

The reason being that Dennis is appreciative of Lester going along with his lies about who I've referred to as plutocrats, and he recognizes (as do I) that the "warnings" issued by Lester in which he says things like "it will be most appreciated if you and dmarks take your personal issues elsewhere", don't apply to him. This warning from Lester because Dennis inserted the plutocrat lie into one of his comments (first Dennis quote at the top of this commentary) and I responded. Key here is the fact that the warning wasn't issued until I responded and was clearly directed at me.

After the warning Dennis lied again and said he was only making a "general comment" and not referring to me specifically. In response the hypocrite Lester posts the following...

rAtional nAtion: dmarks... My comment was indeed in direct reference to what appears at least to me to be a running issue between Mr. Sanders and yourself. Mr. Sanders, or Derve the Swerve as I have come to call him, thoroughly enjoys taking every opportunity to toss out the bait. Ignoring the bait and not responding to it is IMO the prudent course. That and not tossing out bait of your own, which Mr. Sanders always takes. I hope you get what I'm saying. For dudes like Derv, who are always right even when they are wrong, it is advisable to let him just talk to himself. (2/10/2014 AT 8:07pm via the rAtional nAtion blog).

The hypocritical part isn't the first bit (which he gets right), but the accusation that *I* "tossed out the bait", even though I was simply responding to a tired (and absurd) lie from Dennis. And, then Dennis says "I can see how it can appear to be such a reference. In light of that, I will do better to avoid such references that might trigger tantrums in the future".

An obvious lie, this "general comment" and "appearance" BS, yet Lester allows him to get away with it - and even encourages it by adding his own lies. Well, at this point I know it would be futile of me to try and reply, as Lester sometimes publishes comments I submit, but rejects many others - which is why I decided to set the record straight here. No "tantrum" throwing, just a setting straight of the record. Now I can, if Dennis brings this up in the future on the blog of Lester or the blog of anyone else, simply link back to this post; a post in which contains the unequivocal evidence of Dennis lies (as well as Lester's hypocrisy).

SWTD #231, dDel #14, lDel #15. See also TADM #57.


  1. Misinformation #1 (lie) from Sanders - My name is not Lester, a FACT I have repeatedly stated. Sanders continues his misinformation (lie).

    #2 - My site name is not Rational Nation, it is Rational Nation USA. Another bit of misinformation (lie) from Sanders.

    A blogger who spends the inordinate amount of time Sanders does on other blog sites for the purpose of writing continual posts (negative) about other bloggers in the attempt to make himself appear "superior" in fact suffers from a severe inferiority complex as well as being a dickhead. Pathetic.

    But carry on Sanders, and we all know you will. What we don't know is just how much sand your eyes can stand.

    1. Misinformation #1 (lie) from Nation - My name is not Derv the Swerve or Canardo, a FACT I have repeatedly stated. Nation continues his misinformation (lie).

      #2 - Shortening a site name from "Rational Nation USA" to "Rational Nation" is not a "lie". Another bit of misinformation (lie) from Nation.

      #3 - I do not spend an inordinate amount of time on other blog sites for the purpose of writing continual negative posts about other bloggers in an attempt to make myself appear "superior". I attempt to engage in conversation with others who think differently than me so that I may see how they view the world. Frankly, I think it is the severe arrogance and (mistaken) belief that they are superior that causes some of these other bloggers to lie and act like dickheads. Pathetic.

      But carry on Nation, and we all know you will. What we don't know is just how much hypocrisy others may stand from you. Perhaps your buddy Octopus has had enough?

    2. Thanks little buddy for following my order to carry on. I KNEW you would.

  2. Good post Dervish Sanders, & I sympathize with what you're talking about,. It seems to be only exacerbated by the fact that we no longer "converse" with each other, we "comment" and thus we don't so much ask others to elucidate their opinions as we leap on the opportunity to to pontificate about our own....( I doing this now?)

    You are talking about a bunch of ass-holes, namely Rational Nation:, Malcolm Bondon, and several others. So what did you expect?
    We are becoming a nation of haters - a nation, really, of assholes, or at least dominated by Progressive assholes..
    Progressive like to claim to speak for "the people". This new breed of 'modern liberals have given us hate, hate, and more hate. The ones mentioned above are ignorant liberal assholes to the highest degree. Even if RN calls himself a "Libertarian" he's still full of shit.

    "As long as I am an American citizen and American blood runs in these veins I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject." – Elijah Parish Lovejoy (1802-1837)

    1. Huh, I guess you liked the post because you don't like Rational Nation? Other than that, I don't see what there is for you to like in it, as the post was about Conservative a$$holes. I mention Malcolm Bondon, but it is to DEFEND him against liars like dmarks (Dennis). Malcolm is one of the good guys, IMO. Not one of the the new breed of modern Conservatives who have given us hate, hate, and more hate... much of it having to do with the fact that the president is African American. Also, I did not mention any ignorant liberal assholes, just Conservative and Libertarian ones... although you are correct about RN being full of shit.

    2. So very much not the asshole you are Mista Anonomous, aka Nobody.

      If you knew JS about that of which you speak you just might be a formidable intellect. But you get an A for effort anyway. Keep educating yourself sonny.

      The president is a fine man and terrific father and husband, it's is economics that could use some tweaking.

      Aside from that you make zero sense.

    3. Damn Derv (the Swerve ) Sanders, when will you learn the pot should NEVER call the kettle black dude?

  3. RN (AKA Lester Nation): Thanks little buddy for following my order to carry on. I KNEW you would.

    And RN carries on, in regards to his extreme hypocrisy (publishing inflammatory comments from Dennis "accidentally" and not allowing me to respond). And now, another "warning"...

    Lester the hypocrite: NOTE TO DERVISH SANDERS: This site has a full mailbox of unpublished comments by you. They have remained unpublished because they're either 1) Intentionally inflammatory, 2) Meant to incite a "crap fest" or "food fight"... [blah, blah, blah]. Either clean up your comments or take the BS to your own blog. The Management.

    And I've got unpublished comments from RN in my spam folder. By the way, remember when you said "your blog is a mere amusement for me, an opportunity to laugh and then infuriate you". I don't want your BS and attempts to incite a crap fest on my blog, RN. Please keep that in mind if you decide to comment in the future. Thank you, The management.

  4. Way to ape Mr. Sanders. I knew you would, you always do.

    I will keep it in mind.


  5. Well Mr. Sanders, I have no desire to get in your muck. Either here or at my site.

    Good evening.

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  7. Darth Bacon's deleted comment, retrieved from my Google email inbox...

    Darth Bacon: You act like a pussy, your blog reads like a gossip rag .

    Why did Darth delete his comment? Possibly because he is a "pussy"?


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