Monday, November 18, 2013

How Much Will Rachel Jeantel's 15 Minutes Continuing Irk The Haters? (Plus Tea Party Racism & Zimmerman Arrested Again)

Haters never win. I just think that's true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end ~ Thomas William (dob 2/9/1981) an English actor who played the character of Loki in the Marvel Studios films Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

This post consists of three related topics/questions, as follows... [1] Rachel Jeantel's "15 minutes of fame" continues with an Ebony article and photo shoot. How much will this irk the haters? [2] Is someone who agrees with those who say the Tea Party has a problem with racism sticking to a generic Leftist template? and [3] The killer George Zimmerman was arrested for threatening his current girlfriend with a gun. Is this guy eventually going to end up in prison for an extended period of time?

[1] Rachel Jeantel Dec/2013 Ebony Photo Shoot & My Subscription To Said Publication... Just How Much Will This Irk The Haters?

I just received the December 2013 issue of Ebony in the mail, paged though it, and found an article in the "Style/Makeover" section titled "Rachel Jeantel: New Year, New Look". This is the 7th issue of Ebony I have received, despite never subscribing to it. Honestly I have no idea why they're sending me this publication. I got a bill awhile ago, but it said that if I wanted to continue receiving Ebony I should submit payment. I figured the magazines I had received thus far were a trial subscription that Ebony had decided (for a reason unknown to me) to send me the mag for free to get me hooked.

I did not return the bill with my payment info and inform them I wanted to keep getting Ebony. I threw it away and assumed no more magazines would be sent. But still they come. And I've been reading them (most of the articles) and not disliking it... not liking it enough to subscribe, but it's an OK read for free. I also received two issues of some snowboarding magazine that I never told anyone I wanted. That magazine I paged though and looked at the pictures (and nothing else), as I have zero interest in snowboarding.

Although I do know why I got that one. I got an email from Publisher's Clearinghouse and entered their sweepstakes (a number of times)... but NEVER ordered anything. Yet they THINK I ordered the snowboarding magazine when I know I did not (not even by mistake). I emailed them when they sent me a bill and said "I did not order this and am not paying". No response. I called them when the second issue arrived and found out they had received my email and my subscription was cancelled (and I owed nothing).

I haven't contacted Ebony because the bill they sent me said I should pay if I wanted to CONTINUE my subscription. They've never said I owed them anything for the issues I've already received. If they want to send me the magazine for free that's OK with me... which is definitely NOT the case with the snowboarding mag, which I don't want, even for free. In any case, back to the Rachel Jeantel article... it is not that long and mostly concerns the "makeover". I say she looks good (see picture below). And I also say, that, although her "fame" (however long it lasts) came from a tragic incident (the murder of her friend)... still, I say "good for her". And I decided to share these feeling on my blog because I figured it is something that would irk the haters (at a minimum).

Rachel Jeantel says (in the article) that she did not seek fame. Of course not. She was there (court) to "help out a friend". Yes, she did not want to get involved at first, but that was only when she thought the police didn't need her testimony (and she did not want to get involved if she didn't have to). I say this is completely understandable, given the "media backlash" (mentioned in the article) and the racist hate it attracted from the Right (I know because many of the racist haters commented on my blog when I wrote about the murder of Trayvon Martin).

This Ebony article makes me smile when I think of something positive coming Miss Jeantel's way; after all the hatred and racism directed at her from the Right (even if it in no way makes up for the loss of Trayvon Martin, or for his killer getting away with murder). Still, it is a small victory against all the haters. My hope is that Rachel rides this train as long as she is able, and that it (her fame, even if it does not last) assists her in attaining much future success.

Let me know if you agree, or if you're a hater who disagrees (I'll publish your comment but likely ridicule it... so, if that is OK with you - hate away). BTW, I wasn't suggesting (with the underlined header that my subscription to Ebony would irk anyone, only the fact that Rachel Jeantel appeared in the magazine).

[2] Can My Pointing Out The Fact That The Tea Party Has A Racism Problem Be Described As Me Following A Leftist "Template"?

This is the racism from the Right (mostly concerning our first Black president) that, if you mention it to anyone who isn't a Lefty, is met with skepticism. I recently noted my agreement with a public figure who said the Tea Party contained racist elements, to which the Libertarian-voting Objectivist/Ayn Rand enthusiast rAtional nAtion replied by saying "As w-d sticks with the generic template".

The "generic template", according to the rAtional fEllow (if my deciphering of his comments is accurate) is that I call the Tea Party racist while ignoring the racism in the Democratic Party. Wrong-o, Mr nAtion. There are racists who identify with all political parties, it's just that the racism in the Tea Party is provably worse. And those Conservatives who disagree with it ignore and deny it, while at the same time using it to their advantage. They ignore/deny it even if they don't agree with it because any attack on Obama is good (in their minds). It gets the racists out to vote... the racist Republicans and Tea Partiers, that is.

So... in regards to the "generic template"... am I quilty of adhering to one as the rAtional oNe charges? Do the the haters of Rachel Jeantel include many Tea Partiers? While I am sure many Conservatives hate her, regardless of whether or not they identify with the Tea Party, is she hated more by Tea Party folks? These are two additional questions you may consider answering if you choose to reply to this post.

[3] George Zimmerman's History Of Domestic Abuse & Problems With Guns Meet, Again

George Zimmerman's first girlfriend (and at-the-time fiance) filed a restraining order against him predicated on a charge of domestic violence (in July of 2005). Although whenever anyone brings this up (in print or on the TV) they also mention that Zimmerman filed a reciprocal restraining order... implying that this was just a "he said, she said" case in which they were both accusing each other and therefore either could be lying (or they could both be guilty of violence against the other).

Then, following Zimmerman's acquittal in regards to the charges against him for killing Trayvon Martin, his (now ex) wife Shellie called 911 (Sept 2013) and said George had his hand on his gun and was threatening to shoot her and/or her father. She also accused him of punching her father in the nose and smashing her iPod. Afterwards she declined to press charges, although she did divorce him.

Now Zimmerman has a new girlfriend and THAT girlfriend has made similar accusations. Below I have transcribed a portion of the 11/18/2013 airing of Politics Nation hosted by Al Sharton. Why an excerpt instead of just telling you what happened in my own words? Because it will irk the haters...

Al Sharpton: Breaking news tonight, George Zimmerman arrested in Florida. At this hour Zimmerman is behind bars [picture of a bearded Zimmerman displayed on screen]... after an incident involving his girlfriend. Charged with felony aggravated assault with a weapon, domestic battery violence and criminal mischief. (excerpt from the MSNBC program "Politics Nation").

Now, according to Zimmerman (in a 911 call) he says his girlfriend went crazy on him. Zimmerman's version of events (as told to a 911 operator) is that his girlfriend - who is "pregnant with our child" - got violent after she told him to get out and he agreed to do so. Zimmerman says she started yelling and breaking her own stuff. Or his stuff. He wasn't sure. His girlfriend says Zimmerman stuck his gun in her face, but in regards to that Zimmerman says his GF has a gun and his gun is locked up. (see here for the audio of the 911 call).

In regards to this I say Zimmerman is a liar. Also, I must ask WHY would any sane female agree to shack up with this person? He has a history of abusing women and threatening them with guns. What is wrong with these women? And how the hell did Zimmerman get a GF, move in with her, and knock her up in less than 2 months time?

The question I'm going to request any reader of this commentary respond to is... will this idiot (the current GF) press charges, or will she decline to do so (like Shellie)? Also, will Zimmerman be convicted and serve some jail time (as he clearly needs to) or will this be another "he said, she said" situation where Zimmerman defends himself by lying (as he obviously did when he told "his side" of what happened the night he murdered Trayvon Martin)? And, finally, will yet another woman shack up with Zimmerman and eventually file domestic abuse charges... and in how short of a time period will that come to pass?

For the record, I know George was acquitted in the show trial, but I shall continue to say he murdered Trayvon, as that is what I believe happened. Technically he was found "not guilty", but in my mind he is a murderer.

Image Description: Rachel Jeantel post-makeover in the December 2013 issue of Ebony magazine.

Video Description: Racism Still Motivates Tea Party. In this Ring of Fire video, host Mike Papantonio & Chauncey DeVega discuss racism within the Tea Party and how the word "cracker" is NOT comparible to the N-word, 8/9/2013 (9:33).

SWTD #220, lDel #12.


  1. Hmmm. I wonder where all those George Zimmerman fans are. He's been in trouble with his soon-to-be ex-wife for thuggish behavior, and now his "girlfriend" for pointing a gun at her? What a guy.

    See, we knew he was a bully, a thug, and a wannabe weenie cop who killed an unarmed teenager and got away with it. But his low-information fans would have none of it.

    Now it all comes out about what a creepy, gun-toting little weasel he really is.

    I notice no one is here telling you what a stand-up guy he is.

  2. I think I got all the typos and whatnot NOW. So, Shaw, you read a version that contained several errors. Yes, I looked it over before I published, but I need to post it and see what it looks like in my browser widow to get them all. In any case, that is why there is nobody defending GZ yet. I just published this. I shall approve any if I get them (and make fun of them).

    But, YES, I agree completely that Zimmerman is a "creepy, gun-toting little weasel". I wonder how long it is before his next GF (the one he does not have yet) files a domestic violence charge against him?

  3. As Jerry Critter wrote on my blog: "Kills an unarmed kid and threatens women with guns = right wing hero.


  4. Last time I checked.......the thug is still dead.

    1. Last time I checked the thug (George Zimmerman) is still very much alive, and a free man... although that may soon change. Hopefully this GF will press charges. If not someone will likely end up dead. I certainly would not be surprised if Zimmerman killed again.

    2. Hey Rusty,

      It's not very masculine or heroic to treat your girlfriend like shit. This guy is a psychotic liar and serial abuser. He also murdered Trayvon Martin. That's the part you really like, right?

      What is it you see in this guy? What's the appeal? Why do continue to defend and support him?

  5. After reading the Putrid Leftist/Progressive blogs, I almost had to PUKE myself!
    It seems as if these flakes are still after George Zimmerman's hide..
    So, here we go again folks!
    The Harassment of George Zimmerman continues, that wife-beating thing was exposed as a lie when the wife refused to press charges. And now they are setting him up once again. When you make Obozo mad, he orders the govt to get you somehow.
    More charges that will be eventually be dropped.
    Every time some bleeding-heart Liberal gets pissed off they think they can file some fake charges and get Zimmerman in some kind of trouble because much of the public wants it so badly.

    Let’s look at the record....
    Sep. 26, 2013
    George Zimmerman was pulled over by police in Florida for having excessive tint on his windows, according to local media.

    The stop happened last month but was not revealed until Thursday.

    Zimmerman told the Florida Highway Patrol he put the tinting on his windows because of death threats he has received since a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, WKMG-TV reported. He also reportedly had tags that were improperly displayed.

    The Aug. 19 stop in Brevard County marks the third known time Zimmerman has been pulled over by police since his acquittal: It took place after he was pulled over for speeding in Texas but before another speeding incident in Lake Mary, Fla.

    Earlier this month, police were called after Zimmerman’s estranged wife claimed he threatened her and her father. Shellie Zimmerman, who recently filed for divorce, and her father both opted not to press charges in the incident.
    You can’t yell me that he is not being “Set-Up” Oh yes, he shot a negro while defending himself... I almost forgot!!!
    Lets not forget the facts that he was still found "Not Guilty" by a Jury for the death of that little punk Trayvon and that he didn't commit a crime and no amount of the Left Wing hatred will change that fact.
    I wish Zimmerman would sue every one of these liberal bastards.


  6. English may be her third language. But it would be nice if she were at least only fluent in one ....
    There's other things I could say about this so called “Teenager” would looked and sounded as if she were an escapee form a Trail Park, But I won’t. This of course didn't stop the Fat Elephant from becoming the laughing stock of the century.

  7. Lib Buster and all the other personas you are, Zimmerman's wife knows him better than you. I believe her, not you. And this is what she said about him:

    Zimmerman's Estranged Wife Calls Him A 'Ticking Time Bomb'


  8. O.K., we had the "Guess How Big Shaw's Ass Is" contest. The winner guessing 49".

    Now,guess how many regular sized marshmellow's Shaw can fit in her mouth?

    1. No, you're wrong Rusty. 49 was the answer for the contest we had going to guess your IQ.

    2. LOL!!! You got that one right, Dervish! And 49 was the high guess.

    3. After hearing her testimony on the stand at the Zimmerman trial, I might venture to say that Ms. Jeantel's IQ could reside quite comfortably somewhere in the neighborhood of 49 as well.

  9. Notice to "Progressive Disruptions"... the three comments you submitted will not be published because your profile is set to not display. I am sorry, but I only accept comments from individuals with blogger accounts who do not block their profiles. Also, your ID "Progressive Disruptions" is a poke at the blogger whose blog is titled "Progressive Eruptions". That you are a troublemaker is another reason to not publish you.


  10. Jerry and Dervish....sitting in a tree.....k-I-s-s-I-n-g.....

    Beavis and Butthead revisited.......

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Dervish,

    Hoping all is well with you and yours! Most of us have quite a bit to be thankful for. Never forget it. See you next month!

  12. Dervish, just got here after being away for the Turkey Day weekend. Thank you for your support. "Progressive Disruptions" was published on conservative blogs, and he/she trolled them with stolen boiler-plate texts from other websites. The conservative bloggers published him/her. You have more integrity. This is how they operate. They don't want to argue a political idea, they can only "mock and troll." Because they haven't the intelligence to do anything else.

  13. What BS Shaw. You are the one who will not argue a poliotical point, not to mention like idiot boy here you support Jew haters, not surprising since you are one.

  14. Protect and defend Jew haters, typical, for a Jew hater

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Comment deleted because I was not sure who your insult was directed at. I thought you were talking to me, but perhaps you were addressing your hateful (toward women) comment at Shaw... what you said was bordering on unacceptable when I thought you were talking to me. Feel free to try again, but be aware that if you attack my other guests you probably won't be published.

  16. Anyone that can think Rachel has a brain must be as stupid as she is .

  17. Yes, you have a talent for censorship. Maybe you should try just as hard for the truth. Not a chance in hell from a butt fucking fag like you who promotes Jew hate and those who spew it.

  18. One post in a month. You are spending to much time getting butt fucked by RN, but one post a month by you is about all the faggot shit the blog land can handle.

  19. The cons who come to your blog aren't capable of discussing anything on an intellectual basis. All they do is insult your guest commenters or pretend they're someone else. S.M.R.C. for example is probably Rusty, who's probably Radical Redneck. They have no skills for debating, all they do is attack and insult and lie. When their intellect is that limited, what else can anyone expect from them?

    Jonathan Mann is very talented, and it is astounding how prolific he is. Great video! Keep well, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus left a comment in which he said, "Mr. Dervish Sanders, I know that you have a reputation of posting only the comments that you want to"... Now, I don't know who I have a "reputation" with, or how Mr. SMRC thinks I got this "reputation", as not that many people even comment... so there aren't that many comments for me to not publish.

      Anyway, Mr. SMRC says "If you accuse a person unfairly, then you have an obligation to post their rebuttal"... but I'm not going to publish what he submitted. I would have, but you went a little far in YOUR accusations and insults, especially the part concerning "Liberal POS's".

      I will let it be known that you dispute having control of the other Blogger accounts that Shaw notes... although I do not believe for one moment that what Shaw did was "intentionally accuse someone of doing something they know is a lie".

      Now, I know that SMRC will not be satisfied with this compromise (me letting it be known that he disputes the allegations of Shaw while not publishing his rebuttal)... but this is as good as it gets. Sorry.

  20. I did say "probably," which is not definitive. SMRC "probably" didn't get that.

  21. Why presume that a man is pretending to be someone else when he is not?

    Whatever your devious intentions were, you've got it all wrong, "probably" or not.


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