Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Illegitimate Criminal peetus Selects SCOTUS Justice Who Sez Predisent Is Above The Law

I agree with Rob Reiner regarding the peetus selecting Brett Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy.

As per Kavanaugh, "...I believe that the President should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office [because] the indictment and trial of a sitting President... would cripple the federal government, rendering it unable to function...".

Gee, I wonder why the Putin puppet chose this guy. "Kavanaugh's arguments reject history, legal precedents, and the logic of a system that is supposed to place the rule of law over the rule of men" John Nichols of The Nation writes.

This opinion came after the hypocrite urged the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for lying about a bj. A change of heart which suggests that when he said (in 2006) "he considered Roe v. Wade binding under the principle of stare decisis and would seek to uphold the ruling of the higher court", he can't be trusted.

Charlie Pierce, appearing by phone on the 7/10/2018 airing of the Stephanie Miller Show, said (regarding Brett) "he's terrible on guns. He's an absolute corporate puppet. He's awful on unions. He thinks the entire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional".

So Brett is anti-choice, pro-gun murder, anti-consumer, anti-worker and anti-environment. So he checks off all the Republican boxes. Republican are all about less rights for the plebs and more rights for the wealthy. And they get votes they need to institute their plutocratic agenda by pandering to the intolerant religious zealots and racist nationalist bigots (aka Trump's base).

BTW, Brett was accused of misleading the Senate during his confirmation hearing when he was nominated to the DC Appeals Court by Bush in 2003. So you know he's going to lie about totally being about upholding precedent... and totally fool Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Both have said they support the Roe V Wade decision and would oppose a SCOTUS pick who is "hostile" to it. Which Brett is. But I say they'll end up voting for Brett. #trumpdupe The Debonair Dude sez "Judge Kavanaugh is a strong willed constitutionalist". Suggesting he would be apolitical and judge strictly based on the Constitution. To which I say BULLPLOP!

John Roberts peddled the same BS when he promised that his role, as a SCOTUS judge, would be to "call balls and strikes". A Daily Beast article from 6/18/2012 titled "John Roberts Is Just a Liar" describes Roberts and Alito as "politicians in robes".

Kavanaugh is another politician in a robe, as Michael Moore points out. A far Right politician who will serve the far right trumper agenda. F*ck precedent and the Constitution. Obviously of utmost importance (to the person who selected him) is protecting the colluding Putin-puppet. You KNOW that's why the Orange Turd selected him.

Unless you are a member of the Orange Turd Cult. Then you think Kavanaugh is fantastic and are overjoyed... that democracy is coming to an end and America will soon be fundamentally transformed into a fascistic oligarchic theocracy.

SWTD #406