Thursday, June 28, 2018

America's Fundamental Transformation Into An Fascist Oligarchic Theocracy Is At Hand

Anthony Kennedy, a moderate-ish Reagan-appointed SCOTUS justice who was the swing vote in upholding a woman's right to choose, the victory for marriage equality and a number of other cases (where he sided with the more liberal justices) is retiring. Predisent Trump, a moron who pandered to the far Right religious nutters to solidify the White vote, promised to appoint SCOTUS judges who are hostile to the rights of women.

On 10/30/2008 candidate Obama informed the electorate that "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America". The Right went nuts and brought up that quote ad nauseam. Apparently they thought he was referring to a socialist dystopia.

The two transformations that come to mind are the ACA and the SCOTUS ruling that brought us marriage equality. Both are now in danger. The ACA, for the record, was a Republican idea and is not what Progressives wanted (single payer). There was no "fundamental transformation" of America. And Obama was a moderate, so I fail to see how he could have brought about the democratic socialist transformation that we need.

Predisent Trump, the racist White Nationalist appeasing treasonous Putin puppet who serves the interests of the oligarchs, on the other hand... is on the cusp of achieving real fundamental transformation. A transformation that will be unstoppable regardless of how long the Orange Turd's reign of terror lasts. Me, I think he may resign, but regardless he won't run in 2020.

On the other hand, with the departure of Kennedy and the 100% probability that Trump will try to install a Right-wing corporatist religious nutter-appeasing extremist SCOTUS judge, Trump could win again. The Supreme Court already favors Republicans in gerrymandering cases.

Sham elections in which a minority of the electorate chooses our leaders could be an irreversible reality soon. Trump was elected by a minority of voters. Kris Kobach disenfranchised God knows how many people who had the legitimate right to vote. Via his Interstate Crosscheck election fraud scheme.

The number was surely enough to swing the election in favor of Trump, causing the legitimate winner, Hillary Clinton to "lose". Add to that the effects of Gerrymandering and the Russian meddling and I think it is clear that the 2016 potus election was stolen (SWTD #358).

If Democrats fail to take back the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms democracy as we know it is over. The transformation of American into a fascist oligarchic theocracy will be assured.

Kennedy must not give a crap about his legacy given that he's retiring now instead of waiting until the midterms. That he's handing his seat to a Trump-appointed far right extremist makes me say F*CK HIM. He could wait another 5 months, then retire after the blue wave. Which may or may not come. Trumper politicians are saying there will be a red wave. Something that isn't supported by historical precedent.

The party of an incumbent president usually loses seats in midterm elections. Do they know that Russian meddling (Russia = Red) is going to benefit them again? Surely you've heard that this is "the most important election of our lifetime" many times in the past. With democracy on the line I think that this time it is absolutely true. #SaveDemocracy #ResistTrump.

Instead of being almost over, the Trump nightmare may be just beginning. How sad and pathetic is it that it might be a stinky #OrangeTurd that kills democracy?

SWTD #405

Friday, June 08, 2018

Trump Admits His Lie About Anthem Kneelers Disrespecting Flag & Troops Is Total Bullplop

Executive clemency is officially just a reality TV show at this point ~ Stephen Colbert on the 6/7/2018 airing of The Late Show.

Apparently the race-baiter-in-chief is obsessed with his ability to pardon. As per a CNN story, "Trump will ask athletes who kneel during anthem to recommend people for pardoning".

CNN: ...Donald Trump says he wants to meet with NFL players and athletes who kneel during the National Anthem so they can recommend people they think should be pardoned because they were treated unfairly by the justice system. "I'm going to ask them to recommend to me people who were unfairly treated", Trump said at the White House Friday. (Excerpted from a 6/8/2018 CNN article).

OK, so while this isn't necessarily a bad idea, isn't it an ADMISSION that his whine (about kneeling during the anthem disrespecting the flag and our troops) is complete bullplop? Sounds like an acknowledgement to me that Black people are unfairly treated by law enforcement and our justice system.

Although the "unfair" treatment usually consists of the (often unarmed) Black person being shot and killed. Not exactly something a person can be pardoned from (death, that is). Also, even though the NFL just caved and said NFL players who kneeled would be fined, Trump continued to whine. Players shouldn't have the option to stay in the locker room. "NFL, no escaping to Locker Rooms!" BLOTUS tweeted recently.

So, now that he's admitting that their grievances are legit, will an apology be forthcoming? Just kidding. Everyone knows that Trump does not apologize. Personally I think the Orange Turd is only exercising his pardon power because it feeds his enormous ego. He's pardoning famous people. Conservatives like the scumbag sheriff Arpaio and admitted campaign finance violator (and disgusting birther) Dinesh D'Souza. As well as famous people (including former Celebrity apprentice contestants) and people who have celebrity advocates.

Alice Marie Johnson, in prison for life for her involvement in a cocaine ring, had her sentence commuted after Kim Kardashian and her Trump-loving husband Kanye West visited the White House. But hasn't Trump previously said drug dealers should get the death penalty?

According to her indictment, Alice Marie Johnson was "the head of the multi-million dollar cocaine ring, and... [her] Memphis operation was connected to Colombian drug dealers based in Texas". As per Trump's wish that drug dealers be put to death, and given that the court said her activities had a "very significant impact on the community", isn't the real miscarriage of justice here that she wasn't executed?

Not that I think we should be putting drug dealers to death. I think she clearly turned her life around in prison, has been "rehabilitated" and deserved the commutation. But she would not have gotten one if not for her celebrity advocates. And I'm sure Kanye's stroking of Trump's ego helped too.

Trump thinks he is a celebrity, but deep down he knows he is a low-rent one. But he desperately wants to be accepted by that crowd. Me, I don't know how the hell a failed businessman who declared bankruptcy multiple times ever got a TV show. Especially one where he played a successful businessman who judged the business acumen of contestants. As per an Apprentice producer, "we'd often be shocked at whomever Trump chose to fire. Our first priority on every episode like that was to reverse-engineer the show to make it look like his judgment had some basis in reality".

Of course the Right will point to this idea as "proof" that Trump isn't a White Nationalist racist a-hole. I'm not buying it. If Trump were serious about addressing injustices in the criminal justice system, he'd get behind "comprehensive, bipartisan sentencing reform".

Washington Post: The federal prison population dropped while the nation continued to experience near-record-low crime rates [when changes were made which] cut back on overly punitive mandatory minimum sentences. Unfortunately, the White House has different ideas. President Trump warned of "American carnage" in his inaugural address, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stoked false and misleading claims of rising crime. Bowing to the president's most extreme allies, the White House has put forward the First Step Act, which leaves out sentencing reform entirely. (Excerpted from a 5/21/2018 WP article).

Pardons (for celebrities and those with celebrity advocates) doesn't address the underlying problem. The underlying problem which the NFL anthem kneelers are protesting. Now Trump wants their advice on who to pardon? And I thought any NFL player who kneels is a "son of bitch" that should be fired.

The Youtuber who posted this video was impressed that we finally have "a president who actually respects America's culture, heritage and flag". Strongly implying that the previous (Black) president didn't respect any of those things.

"You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there — maybe you shouldn't be in the country" Trump told the Fox and Friends after the NFL caved to his demands that their players be forced to stand for the anthem.

It's red meat for his racist base. Obviously, given this admission, that's what's going on. So why meet with NFL anthem kneelers to discuss possible pardons if they are America-haters who should be deported?

SWTD #404

Monday, June 04, 2018

Ann Coulter On Trump's "Caligula Lifestyle" is a dangerous world out there. It's like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider ~ Donald Trump speaking about avoiding STDs during his single years in the late 90s (1997 Howard Stern interview).

Ann Coulter is a huge Trump supporter. She wrote a book titled "In Trump We Trust" (published prior to the election). Although Coulter has yet to turn on Trump, since the election her support has not been unwavering.

For example, Trump signed legislation back in March that kept the government open and avoided a shutdown. And, while the spending bill did include $1.6 billion for border obstacles, these obstacles were fencing. And it was already existing fencing (repairing and replacing). No money for the border spanning wall Trump promised (and continues to promise).

In response Ann Coulter went on Fox News and, expressing her disappointment, told Jeanine Pirro "the fact that he signed this omnibus bill is the last straw and just says he never wanted to do it" (build the wall). Because Ann has expressed some disappointment with Trump, some say she has "become an outspoken critic".

Is that true? Does Coulter no longer support Trump? Does she no longer believe he is "E Pluribus Awesome!" (the subtitle of her sycophantic book)? Maybe. Perhaps she has something to say about Trump's continued cheating on his wives (two divorces with an inevitable 3rd one coming) and if she said something on this topic in a recent article?

What is Ann thinking regarding Trump's dalliances with porn stars and Playboy bunnies that have come to light recently? If she had something critical to say in regards to that I might be convinced she is now an "outspoken critic".

AC: The liberal protection racket for sexual predators was always intimately intertwined with the Clintons. The template used to defend Bill Clinton became a model for all left-wing sexual predators. They all hired the same lawyers and detectives and counted on the same cultural elites to mete out punishment to anyone who stood in the way of their Caligula lifestyles.

This is an excerpt from Ann's 5/31/2018 article "Harvey Weinstein And The Clinton Protection Racket". She accuses "Left-wing sexual predators" of "Caligula lifestyles", then goes on to CREDIT Trump for Weinstein's fall from grace.

AC: It's hard to avoid the impression that a big part of the reason Weinstein was finally exposed is that the Clinton machine is dead. Trump killed it. ... After years of feminists excusing sexual predators, once the Clintons were out of the way, the dam broke. There was no reason to keep humiliating themselves by defending the indefensible.

Yeah, I'm sure that was it. Meanwhile the Right (including the so-called evangelical Right) continues to humiliate themselves defending the indefensible pussy-grabber in the White House. And shills and hacks like Coulter give him credit for helping #metoo bring down a scumbag like Weinstein. Sounds to me like Ann is still all in for Trump.

Weinstein, despite being a Democrat and HRC supporter, is a scumbag. Is he a bigger scumbag than Trump? When it comes to using his power to sexually harass and even rape women, he probably is. On the other hand he isn't a traitor who colluded with a foreign government to steal an election. As far as I know Weinstein hasn't been accused of any other illegal activities, such as laundering money for Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

Weinstein is currently facing justice for his decades of abuse. He deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Trump? I pray he suffers the same fate. For the record, Trump has been accused of rape 3 times. One of his accusers says she was 13 when (as per a 2016 lawsuit) when she was the victim of a "savage sexual attack" at the hands of Donald Trump. "My family and I would be physically harmed if not killed" the woman Trump raped says (similar to what Stormy Daniels reports happened to her).

Yet hypocrites like Coulter credit Trump with sparking the #metoo movement and bringing down Weinstein? Unbelievable! As for the predictable response of "what about Bill Clinton"... do the alleged WJC crimes against women excuse the (very credible) allegations against Trump, Cons? Obviously trumpers believe they do.

No, scratch that. They think Trump is innocent. He only had consensual sex (including when he cheated). But guess who also makes that claim? If you said Harvey Weinstein you got it right.

Caligula was a ruler known only for being a sexual pervert, but is also known for his cruelty, sadism, extravagance and being an insane tyrant. Seems to me that Trump is more a Caligula than Bill Clinton was. Unless you believe the conspiracy theory that says the Clintons have been having their enemies murdered (and getting away with it for decades). Which I do not.

Referring to The Orange Turd as "Caligula" really angers the vile Hillary-hating troll Paul/Luke/Steve. This is an asshole who was thrilled when Trump became president. Not because he thought Trump would "make America great" but because he hates Democrats so much. Honestly I think Paul (name he is currently using) would love to see Trump destroy the United States.

Rational Nation: Trump is so unliked by the majority of Americans he is even being compared to the Roman Emperor Caligula. We here at this weblog find the comparison quite apt in several ways. (1/14/2017.

"...add Caligula to these idiot's description of Trump" was Paul's indignant response. Yeah, well f*ck you "Paul". You're the idiot. An idiot who rooted for Trump, but now pretends he's opposed to Trump. Trump is a Caligula-ish ruler, absolutely. Regardless of what Trump lovers like Paul and Ann may think.

Video: Did Caligula want to date his own daughter? I'm not sure, although he apparently did have sex with his 3 sisters (Agrippina, Drusilla, and Julia Livilla).

SWTD #403