Sunday, March 05, 2017

My Message From The Land Of Nightmares (Part 3)

For many, the American dream has become a nightmare ~ Senator Bernie Sanders. From his 7/22/2010 article No To Oligarchy.

I slipped my smartphone out of my pocket and glanced at the screen. The date according to the display was Monday, July 8, 2013. "You're not going to get any bars here" the cowled figure at the far end of the long dining table remarked, obviously annoyed. "You certainly took long enough getting him here, imp" Mr. Charles sighed, chastising his minion. "Five days I have been waiting. As you can see, the feast I prepared for you did not last".

"I apologize, sir" the imp squeaked, several maggots dropping from it's greasy jaw. "The human got lost". Charles stood and angrily shouted "that is why I sent you to guide him, you worthless devilkin!". The imp, a terrified look on it's face, jumped down from and scurried under the table.

"Please, have a seat Mr. Sanders" Charles purred, a smile replacing his snarl. He pulled out a chair and motioned me to approach. Not seeing any other choice, I sat and Mr. Charles pushed the chair forward. "There you go" he said, sitting as well. "Please have some wine" he implored, pouring a deep red liquid into a goblet in front of me. "No thank you" I said, even though my throat was parched.

"Please, I insist" Charles demanded, pushing the goblet into my hands. I looked directly into his eyes. Two black pits set deep in a horribly 3rd degree burned face. "Do not be alarmed by my appearance" Charles implored. A response to my obvious revulsion. "As you can see I am a burn victim". Charles emphasized the word "victim" and flashed his pearly whites. "It's how I died. Burned to death in a housefire".

"Now, please drink" Charles demanded, pushing the goblet up to my lips and tipping it forward. I felt as if my front teeth would snap off. Pushing harder Charles forced my jaw open and the red liquid entered my mouth. Lest I choke, I was forced to swallow. "That's more like it" Charles said satisfied. The pressure relented and he lowered the goblet to the table.

"Tastes good, right?" Charles inquired. I had to agree that it did. "Anyway, now that I have your attention, onto the reason I summoned you here". Yes, I thought. I was quite interested in why I was here. Ever since I encountered the Morpheus-kin and utilized the black orb which turned out to be some kind of transport device (which I how I ended up in this nightmare realm) I had wondered what the purpose of my trip might be.

"I have a message from my master" Charles revealed, grinning from ear to ear. Then he began to laugh. A deep guttural noise that sounded like Harvey Fierstein coughing up a furball. A feeling of dread overcame me. "What's so funny" I cautiously inquired. "You" Charles laughed. "You think your blog is making a difference. Yes, that bitch Monica told you that your destiny is to play a small but not insignificant role in the salvation of humanity".

"The Greys told me something quite similar" I reminded my host, interrupting him. "The Greys you spoke with are full of shit" Mr. Charles bellowed. "Your blog will make no difference whatsoever. The supposed dark days aren't the fake Obama scandals! The dark days will actually be much much darker".

"Much darker? What does that mean?" I whispered. "Bernie Sanders will announce a run for the presidency in 2015" Charles told me. "But he will not be the nominee. Instead the nominee will be Hillary Clinton". Charles paused, then continued. "...and she will be defeated by Donald Trump!". Charles laughed again. "No, really" he said in response to the look of disbelief on my face.

"The American people aren't that dumb" I countered. "I mean, a LOT of them are, but not enough to elect Trump". "Sorry, but you're wrong" Charles retorted. "The American people absolutely ARE that dumb. Also, the Republicans have an improved voter disenfranchisement scheme known as Interstate Crosscheck. The ballots of over 200 hundred thousand legitimate voters will not be counted".

I sat there dumbfounded, unable to process what I had just been told. "I'm not making a prediction, by the way" Charles said after a few moments of silence. The reality TV buffoon Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States". "No" was all I could say. "A Trump presidency would be a joke".

"Indeed" Charles agreed. "But still, it IS what will happen. Regardless of what you write on your inconsequential and pathetic blog, evil will triumph". At that moment a high shrill laugh emanated from under the table. It was the imp. Emerging from his hiding place the small horned creature, flapping it wings, flew up and alighted on his master's shoulder. Pointing at me he laughed. "He he he he he" the imp squealed. "Get off me, imp" Charles yelled, batting the creature away.

"Anyway, don't think for one second you can do something to stop this. The wine you drank will wipe your memory. After a nights sleep you will remember nothing of this encounter. Not until much later. But then it will be too late. Remember then what I'm telling you now. The Dark One is with Trump and Trump will be your next American president".

And, as it turned out, Charles was correct. After I left the realm of nightmares I returned to my bedchamber and fell into a deep sleep. Awakening many hours later I had no memory of what had transpired. Not of the imp or of what Mr. Charles told me about Donald Trump stealing the presidency. Not until recently. The wine Charles forced me to consume was a memory suppressant, as it turns out. It wore off eventually, but not in time for me to act on the information the Lord of the Nightmare realm had imparted.

Anyway, despite what that Freddy Krueger-esque asshole told me, I am sure the Grey aliens and the angel Monica had not misled me. And I surely am not going to believe good over evil. Which Charles had confirmed to me Donald Trump is. The Dark One had worked to insure he was installed as potus. And by the Dark One I (correctly) assume that Charles meant the Father of Lies (AKA Old Scratch) and not Vladimir Putin.

If only the suppressed memory had come back to me sooner (as opposed to 3+ years later) I might have been able to do something. Of that I am convinced. If not, then why would the Lord of the land of Nightmares have taken an interest? At the direction of Satan himself (no less)? My takeaway being that I must continue blogging and fighting against the evil forces that helped Trump to steal the White House and become another illegitimate president.

Though a much more evil one. Possibly the antichrist?? [1-2]. The extent to which his followers have been duped by this immoral man (who thinks sexual assault is something he is entitled to) convinces me more and more each day that this could be a very real possibility (check out this insane rant by one of his more deluded supporters and you'll see what I mean).


[1] According to the evil blog troll Luke Spencer (AKA Steve), because I wrote #TrumpAntichrist? as a Swash Zone comment, and "I'm thinking that Trump might be the AntiChrist" on the RNUSA blog, I am 100 percent convinced that Trump is the antiChrist. Apparently he does not understand the difference between someone asking a question and someone making a declarative statement. That, or he's a huge liar. Regarding THIS post (which most people would take as a work of fiction) Luke wrote that he believes I am a "delusional lying idiot whose last post said Trump is the ant-Christ". I assume he meant antiChrist. Unless he was referring to an insect savior.
[2] Also according to Luke (per his commentary "Dervish's Truths") I know with absolutely certainty that Donald Trump is the antiChrist. And that, when I write #trumpantichrist? (with a question mark), I am making (what I believe to be) a statement of fact. Just like I asserted it was a fact that Paul Ryan worships Satan. Even though the post is labeled as satire.

#TrumpAntichrist, #TrumpIllegitimate.

SWTD #372, MES #5.


  1. For me the anti-Christ concept is as bizarre as FreeThinke's rantings.

  2. I don't know if Trump is the antichrist or not. He probably isn't. But one thing that can't be denied is that supposedly religious people overlooked a lot of things from Trump that they would have hammered him on had he run as a Democrat. Trump lies and he lies constantly yet his supporters believe anything he says. Right-wing "news" outlets rush to write articles supporting every dumb lie he puts out via twitter. It's unreal. That much I think we can agree on.

  3. Indeed we can.

    My many posts on both of my sites support the above statement. That and comments elsewhere.

  4. The Evangelical Christians have exposed themselves as religious hacks. Atheists are more honorable than they are. The Evangelical Christians who voted for Trump (81% of them!), accepted a serial adulterer, a sexual assaulter, but most important, a fake Christian who proved he knows nothing about the Bible or being Christian. These are the same people who questioned President Obama's Christianity, but look the other way when a moral pig like Trump put an "R" after his name. The Evangelical Christians can never, never pretend to any moral superiority ever again. They're religious hacks.

  5. I apologize for the lateness in publishing the 2 above comments. Submitted 3/8 and 3/14, but only published by me today. Blogger neglected to notify me by email of the comments, and since they eliminated the Blogger home landing page (a place where pending comments could easily be seen), I'm only seeing pending comments if I go look and see if there are any.

    Re Shaw's comments: You're right, of course, but they don't see it that way (they will CONTINUE to claim moral superiority). According to FreeThinke, RN is "himself A SLAVE to SATAN". Also, there is an "ARMY of SATANITES who PERSIST in BEDEVILLING this BLOG" (this blog = WYD).

  6. I'm not trying to speak for RN, but for FT to say that RN is "A SLAVE to SATAN" is droll, since RN is, like me, a non-believer. How can someone be a slave to something that does not exist? Absurdity and nonsense is what drives those bloggers.

  7. Well, as a Believer, I'd say it is very possible to be an unwitting tool. Especially given that the WYD crowd sees RN as part of the "opposition" - i.e. the nickname "Lester Liberalman" (I don't think they mean Libertarian). They being Good and their "opposition" being evil. But as a Progressive and a Believer it is my opinion that the opposite is true. So, droll - yes - but not because of non-belief.

  8. No one knows. nor can anyone ever know what exists AD. Untill they are dead. There will be something or there will be nothing.

    Jersey McJones has a good post up today. Touches on this. Check it out.


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