Thursday, June 19, 2014

On The Lunkheadedness Of A Wealth-Worshiping Koch-Loving Prevaricator

...what makes us angrier? 25 million dollars from conservative business owners who fix elections, suppress voters and shape policies which negatively impact million of Black folks nationwide? Or the fact that our schools can't afford to tell the Koch brothers' where to shove it? ~ Jarrett L. Carter, in regards to a Koch Brothers donation to the United Negro College Fund. (Quote excerpted from his 6/11/2014 article, "Koch Brothers' UNCF Gift Is Worst Symptom of HBCU Financial Crisis".

A lie about me from the blog of one Willis V. Hart is what I will be addressing with this post. Because if he's going to specifically mention me on his blog - and interject a big fat whopper about me into a post that would otherwise have nothing to do with me - well, I've got no choice but to author a response. Regardless of whether or not he reads it (and I am quite positive he will not).

Willis Hart: "On the Koch Brothers Donating $25,000,000 to the United Nergro College Fund"... By my count that's approximately $24,999,999 more than wd and the rest of those lunkheads (aka experts at spending other people's money) have ever donated to the thing. (6/16/2014 AT 5:03pm).

Apparently a "lunkhead" in the dictionary of Willis Hart is someone who does not worship wealth as he does. So what if they donated a ton of money to whatever charitable group? That hardly makes up for all the evil they do. By "evil", I mean, fund causes (think tanks, campaigns, etc) in an attempt to steer our government in a more Libertarian direction. So they can pay workers less, pollute more, pay less in taxes, etc.

Everything I, as a Democrat on the side of hard working Americans, am opposed to. So they spend some of their vast fortune in an attempt to buy some goodwill? Lunkheads like the Hartster lap it up. In their minds "we the people" shouldn't be deciding what causes are of value to society (and should receive funding). Those decisions should be left up to the wealthy people he loves and worships (metaphorically, not literally).

In regards to the LIE, I never said a damn thing (on the blog of Willis or elsewhere) about how the Kochs should spend "their" money. "Their" in quotes because - If the country were run the way I believe it should be - they'd be forced to pay workers more and to contribute more in taxes.

Or, they wouldn't exist because we wouldn't need them. Wouldn't need them because a lot more businesses would be co-ops. Businesses owned by workers so that the majority of the profits go to the people who actually do the work and not parasites who benefit from the labor of others.

That said, I'm a believer in capitalism and certainly do not wish to flip us to any kind of Communist system. The Koch brothers are free to do with "their" money as they see fit. That I've EVER said one word about me spending their money is a complete and total fabrication. What the dishonest Hartster refers to as "other people's money" is tax money. But tax money, once collected, no longer belongs to whomever it was collected from... you idiot!

Also, in regards to Rusty Schmuckelford saying "you wont see [other Lefty bloggers including] WD... give any credit to the Koch brothers... they will just try to denigrate them"... to which I say, damn straight.

Rusty also lumps rAtional nAtion into that group, and in response to that Mr. nAtion posted the following...

rAtional nAtion: ...reason tells me their philanthropic endeavors are carefully selected to serve their interests. IOW, where they get the biggest bang for their millions. Not much different than Soros actually. (6/17/2014 AT 5:28am).

I actually agree with Lester. Although in the case of George Soros, he is on the side that wishes to raise the taxes of folks like him... quite UNLIKE the Koch Brothers. So Lester is WAY wrong in that regard. He isn't, at least, as naive as Willis or Schmuckelford.

It should be noted that the UNCF President/CEO - who DEFENDED accepting the gift that will go to historically black colleges and universities) - said the purpose of the Koch donation was to "to give the impression of support for Black people without the troublesome task of directly doing so".


So, does that mean I think the UNCF should have told the Kochs to shove their donation? I surely wish they could have comfortably done that (because they did not desperately need it). But I'm not going to say they should have rejected the money (not my decision to make in any case). I am, however, going to agree with the criticisms of the Kochs by Jarrett L. Carter (as quoted at the top of my commentary).

The Kochs are the worst of the worst when it comes to plutocrats bribing our politicians and spending their ill-gotten gains to corrupt our political system in their favor. And the Kochs most certainly are in favor of suppressing votes and shaping policies which negatively impact millions of Black folks nationwide. Given that, there is no way in hell I would even think of praising them (even to a tiny degree) for this attempt to buy goodwill.

Although it clearly worked in regards to gullible lunkheads and stooges like Willis and Schmuckelford.

SWTD #262, wDel #67.


  1. I didn't quite understand the point of Will's comment...other than it was a way to work you into his commentary. Maybe he was feeding his base?

    1. Will's Libertarian delusions cause him to regard monies collected as tax to still belong to the people it was collected from (stolen in an armed robbery). If you think the tax rate should be higher (higher than whatever he believes it should be, apparently), then you're an "expert at spending other people's money".

  2. The Lollipop League shows they are indeed mental midgets.

    1. Sorry, Rusty, but I refuse to bow down and worship wealth. If that makes me a "mental midget" in your eyes, then it is an insult I wear as a badge of honor. But, in all honesty, I believe it is people like Rusty and Willis who are the mental midgets. They actually believe that if all us average folks worship the plutocrats it will be beneficial to our country. I couldn't imagine anything dumber.

    2. The worshipping of
      Plutocrats is the religion of Want-To-Bes.

  3. The worshipping of Plutocrats is the religion of Want-To-Bes.

  4. Worshipping Plutocrats? A statement for which there is no proof and is based on assumptions. That an the likelihood there is a fair amount of jealously involved.

    Having said this the significant shift in wealth concentration over the past several decades to
    the top 1 or 2 percent is a dangerous is a threat to societal stability.

    The decline of a strong vibrant middle class, combined with a growing economic underclass will have deep repercussions of unchecked. These repercussions will be violent and will profoundly impact American society.

    The greater protection for haves is to encourage and support the return of a growing and strong middle class.

    BTW, the above IS, in my opinion, the best understanding and definition of rational self interest.

    1. The proof is Will's belief that the Koch's donation should be applauded regardless of their motivations for making such a donation. We shouldn't even discuss motivations. The simple fact that a donation was made is enough for praise to be given (In the plutocrat-worshiping book of Willis).

      At least Lester brings up motivation. I agreed with you on that, Lester.

  5. Lester's concern regarding the dangers of the significant shift in wealth concentration over the past several decades ring hollow, as the ideologies he professes to (in some part, at least) adhere to make the problem and danger worse. His concerns also ring hollow due to his disparaging use of the term "jealously" to describe those who "share" his concern regarding the danger. "Share" in quotes because I don't buy it that he is genuinely concerned. If he is then why is he bringing up this false "jealously" meme?

    The decline of a strong vibrant middle class is the natural and unavoidable result of economic policies advocated by Libertarians and adherents of Rand's Objectivism. But Lester obviously does not understand this. "Rational Self Interest" is code for "Greed Is Good". And Lester does not get it.

    This is why I have little respect for Libertarians or Objectivists... they are either witting or unwitting stooges for the plutocrats. And, THAT said... WTF makes Lester think his comments are welcome here given that he banned me from comment on his blog? Should I take you submitting comments to my blog as a invitation for me to submit comments to your blog (comments you will publish)?

  6. Rest assured Dervish the position, that is lack of respect is indeed MUTUAL. I have NO respect for you.

    As to your commenting. I recently posted a worthy comment on my ONLY site, Rational Nation USA. I did so BECAUSE it was a cogent point worthy of publication, whether or not I agree partially, completely, or not at all. It was not disparaging and it was respectful. I will go ON RECORD and say such comments as your last posted one WILL continue to get published.

    I will however not allow your comments where it is clear the comment content is off topic, disrespectful, or meant disparage other commenters you dislike or disagree with.

    My guess is you won't publish this. Irrespective of that I will stand by what I wrote here.

    For the record, I do not concern myself with your perception of my integrity. You may believe as you wish. It is no sweat off my back.

    Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and evening.

    1. In regards to my comment on your blog (which I was unaware you published) being "the first time in eons that [I] have left a comment worthy of publishing"... I could be wrong, but I do not recall RN ever leaving a comment worthy of publishing on this blog. Or they are VERY rare, at least. Perhaps 1 out of 100 is not seen by RN as "an oppurtunity to laugh and then infuriate you" (RN's own words).

      As for RNUSA being RN's only site, what about this one? I know I've seen at least one other as well, although I can't locate it at the moment.

  7. Oh Yeah, forgot about that one. been eons since I set it up and directed visitors to my blogspot site.

    But who knows? Maybe someday.

    Oh yes, I do have another I set up last year... Strength, Power, and Fitness, a blog I had intended to use to promote health, fitness, and an active lifestyle as well as promoting my personal training interests as I an a NASM CPT (certified personal trainer).

    As to the other "stuff", old bones. Let em rest or we will have nothing to discuss. Just accept it is what it was and is, and we'll never agree on who is responsible for the BS.

    Have a nice week...

    Les Carpenter, CP
    Strength, Power, and Fitness
    Rational Nation USA


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