Thursday, December 29, 2005

Re An Action That "Seems Pretty Infantile" (An Observation Made By The Blogger "Ducky's Here")

Note that this is another of my negatively numbered posts, which means that I changed the publish date from the ACTUAL publish date (10/4/2016) using the "set date and time" option under "published on".

Why? Because I didn't want to include this post in my catalogue of SWTD published posts. Because what I've got to say doesn't rise to the level of something I want to publish as an official post. It's just something I wanted to write down if it comes up. If another blogger says something about actions that seem "pretty infantile" I can respond by directing said person here. "Infantile" being the assessment of a comment of mine made on another blog by Ducky's Here.

Dervish Sanders: You're going to get at least another 500 comments, shithead. (10/2/2016 AT 11:02pm).

Ducky's here: For what purpose, Mr. Dervish. That action seems pretty infantile. (10/3/2016 at 10:52pm).

This question by Ducky in response to my comment made on the blog of "Luke" (Words and Music). Although I can't answer Ducky's question because Luke generally won't publish my comments. This one he published because it makes me look bad. It makes Luke look like the victim of my trolling.

But the TRUTH is the exact opposite. Luke is the troll and I am his victim. Luke is a blog attacking troll with MANY victims. They're listed on his sidebar. Flying Junior, Rational Nation, Shaw Kenawe (who he refers to as "the bitch") and myself are among the bloggers who this Luke troll has accused of "plagarizing" his posts. Although the charge is completely without merit. I refer you to SWTD #346 for more info on that situation.

But that isn't all. When Luke came to my blog initially (and started in with his absurd plagiarism accusations) I assumed he was a blogger I hadn't encountered before. It wasn't until this had gone on for awhile (during which I attempted to suss out why he was accusing me of stealing his posts, responding to him politely, even though he was swearing at me and calling me liar) that I discovered that his blogger ID matches that of another troll who I'd encountered before.

Turns out Luke formerly called himself "Steve" and attacked this blog for several years. Note that this isn't a guess of mine based on comparing comments and finding similarities. It is a FACT that Luke changed the name on his account to "Steve" (see DSD #33).

Steve/Luke (both names that have been attached to blogger ID #11597062711930899788 is an infamous (among those he has trolled) individual who (as his troll-ies know) is obsessed with the blogger Rational Nation. This obsession extends to any blogger who allows Rational Nation to comment on their blog (which is who I came to be trolled by Steve/Luke).

So, when I noticed that Steve/Luke had a blog, I decided I'd return the favor. The "favor" being trolling. "Don't feed the trolls" is the method by which some think they can get trolls to go away. Don't pay attention to these people and they lose interest and leave. Unfortunately (and his victims can attest to this) Steve/Luke is NOT dissuaded by people ignoring him. He has kept up his trolling efforts (for years, as I previously noted) regardless of whether or not he is ignored.

So, I figured that, if I annoyed him on his blog, MAYBE that would get him to stop annoying me on mine? It surely could not make things worse, as he has already shown that he's going to keep up what he's doing no matter what. Which is why I sent him a LOT of comments. I doubt it 500, but I'm pretty sure it's in the neighborhood of 300.

Anyway, what brought about the specific comment of mine (the published one that Ducky takes exception to) came about after Luke said he was "done with me". What he meant was that he was done with responding to comments submitted by me to his blog (which he had been doing). I thought that MAYBE it meant that he was done submitting his posts (as comments to my blog).

Why? So "I don't have to steal them". This line concerns his "plagiarism" delusion. Don't ask me what it means, however. He wants me to steal his posts and is sending them to me to make it "easier"? I haven't a clue. In any case, I asked him if that him saying he was "done with me" meant he wasn't going to be sending me his posts anymore.

And he responded with the following.

Luke: Sorry, King Shithead PSYCHO KILLER TRUMP!!!
You will continue to get my posts marked, "Here is my post for today so you don't have to steal it FUCKHEAD!" Because you and your asshole buddies deserve it.
I simply won't respond. So enjoy my last comment to you KING SHITHEAD PSYCH KILLER TRUMP!!!
If I have anything to say about you King Shithead Psycho Killer Trump, it will be posted on my sidebar where I have listed your retarded behavior. (10/2/2016, unpublished comment).

So, is my submission of MANY comments to Steve/Luke's blog "infantile" as Ducky says? Perhaps, although I seriously doubt any infant has submitted even one comment to a blog (given that infants can't read or write). It might be a waste of time, given the fact that (my strategy of getting Steve/Luke to not troll me) didn't work. And it won't work, so why keep it up? Because I REFUSE to let him get away with continuing to troll my blog with zero repercussions for him (even if the repercussion is to be mildly annoyed).

It doesn't take a lot of effort to drop into his blog a few times a day and dash off a short comment, so I'm going to keep doing it. Because Steve/Luke deserves it, despite what he CLAIMS.

Luke: Thanks for admitting that you did send me death threats and 500 vulgar comments. What did I do to deserve that? Nothing!! The number of and vulgarity of your comments proves what you are. I wonder why the Blogger Sleuth isn't targeting you for being a vulgar troll? I guess because the Blogger Sleuth (Pam) is a fake blog used to attack her enemies. (10/2/2016 AT 7:01pm).

As I've already pointed out, Steve/Luke has not done "nothing". In fact, what he's done is as far from "nothing" as he could possibly get. But, that's what he's decided to do with the "Luke" persona, apparently. Play the victim. And it looks like he's fooled a few people. Ducky included.

Whatever. I did look at Ducky's profile with the intention of shooting him an email or leaving a comment on his blog (to tell him the truth about Steve/Luke). But there is no email given on his Blogger profile page. He's got a blog (titled No Blog), but there are no posts (and I cannot therefore leave a comment on "No Blog").

BTW, in regards to "personas", Steve was the guy obsessed with RN. Luke is the guy who has been victimized by many other bloggers stealing his posts. And TOM (while ALSO obsessed with RN) is a homophobe (who uses the "F" word slur for a gay man... a lot). TOM is another of Steve/Luke's IDs, a fact I've been able to discern by looking at his comments and comparing them to comments he's made with his other IDs (comparisons I've made on my DSD blog here).

Although, as I've already pointed out, both Steve/Luke and TOM are obsessed with RN (this obsession taking the form of accusations of RN being a "Jew hater" guilty of "Jew hate").

BTW, in regards to engaging in pointless endeavors that are very likely a HUGE waste of time, I've noticed that Ducky comments quite frequently on the blog Who's Your Daddy. This is an extreme Rightwing blog where - if someone comments who doesn't share their support for Trump and hate of Hillary Clinton - they are attacked. So, why comment there Ducky? That surely is an infantile environment. I mean, Ducky can't claim that he hangs out there due to all the intellectually stimulating conversations that are taking place.

SWTD #-2


  1. I just left a comment on Luke's blog in which I say "F*ck you Ducky". I retract this comment. I've seen Ducky around and he seems like a decent fellow to me. The purpose of submitting this comment? I figured that Luke would publish it... because it plays into his narrative, which is that I am a troll and he is my victim. A totally bogus narrative, as I explain in my post (above). Also, links don't show up under Blogger dashboard. So Luke won't know it's there, unless he looks at it after he publishes it. Which is actually likely. Then (when he sees that there is a link and it goes here), he'll delete the comment. But maybe not. If Ducky (or anyone else) does click my link, I encourage them to read what I've written above. Luke is not what he seems.

  2. Do you really believe anyone actually gives a shit?

    1. I didn't ask myself that question. I write what I want to write. One thing is for sure, and that is that I don't give a shit what Rusty thinks.


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